On Patrol

Staff writer Joe Isaac joins ROTC for a weekend of field training

    “You can’t make an officer in 60 days,” USF Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Executive Officer Major Dodge told me on the van ride to camp. I could only appreciate the truth in the Major’s sentiment two days later when I witnessed a military transport helicopter landing twenty meters ahead of me to simulate the evacuation of the lone casualty of the morning’s action: a cadet I had headshot with my paintball marker just minutes earlier.

Captain Romero shields a fallen cadet from debris. Photo by Joe Isaac/ Foghorn.

Captain Romero shields a fallen cadet from debris. Photo by Joe Isaac/ Foghorn.

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Behind the Scenes with Bastille

I did not expect to find out that the guys behind “Pompeii,” the chart-topping hit with a foot-tapping beat that builds up to a catchy chorus and explosive lead vocals and chants, are really a group of easy-going lads with a soft-spoken frontman. However, I would not have observed this if I had only seen them in concert, where they are known to have fist-pumping, dance inducing sets.

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San Francisco's Dolores Park (photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

Should San Francisco Spend Millions on Dolores Park Renovation?

If you have visited Dolores Park in the past two weeks, you will have noticed the substantial overcrowding due to half of the park being officially closed for renovations starting March 12. The popular Mission District park is in the first phase of a two-part, $13.2 million makeover that is scheduled to finish by spring 2015. Continue reading

What’s Wrong with USF’s Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program?

USF’s faculty know all about our school’s Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program, but members of the wider campus community may not be so familiar with it.  Started in 1993 under a grant from the Irvine Foundation, the program supports African-American, Latino and/or Asian-American graduate students with a year of financing and academic resources at USF as they complete their doctoral dissertations.  Recipients also gain experience teaching one course per semester.  Midway through their fellowship years, the doctoral fellows go on the job market in search of a full-time, tenure-track position in their particular field. Continue reading

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