USF Community Remembers Jesuit Martyrs

by Vicente
Photo by Vicente Patino

During last Sunday’s student mass, University Ministry commemorated martyrs killed in El Salvador during its violent civil war. Among those remembered were six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter,murdered in 1989. Defender of the poor, Monsignor Romero and several Maryknoll sisters were also remembered. After mass, students processed up Lone Mountain with white banners displaying the faces of the Jesuit martyrs and the two women killed with them. Members of USEU, USF’s Salvadoran Student Union, carried and hammered white crosses at the top of Lone Mountain in commemoration to the martyrs. Two blank crosses were also placed in remembrance of unnamed victims and martyrs. Those gathered responded “presente” after each name was called and the cross was hammered. The repetitive action was meant to symbolize that those killed continue to remain alive because people keep their memory present in their hearts.

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