USF Psychology students in……………. FLASH MOB CONGA LINE MADNESS!

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The Advanced Research Methods: Social Influence class from USF (University of San Francisco) conducted another flash mob experiment, this time utilizing a conga line. This involved observing how many students (other than the Social Influence class) would participate in the conga line. However, there were many other variables to consider:

1.Can the students overcome the power of a failing boombox?
2.Can DJ StikCy E find out what happened to the volume?
3.Will the line drift apart before full completion
4.Can DJ StikCy E find out what happened to that VOLUME!?!?!?!?!?

All these questions and more answered when you tune into CONGA LINE MADNESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Turn the volume up high when playing this

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4 thoughts on “USF Psychology students in……………. FLASH MOB CONGA LINE MADNESS!”

  1. I’m sorry if this question comes up a lot but I want to clarify this before I unintentionally break the law O__O

    I am volunteer at the emergency department of a hospital through a high school program. I’ve been warned about not releasing patient information, but I am a little unclear on what is allowed and what is not.

    It’s obviously illegal to say “(Name) was admitted to the ER because s/he got hit by a train”… but is it okay to say “Someone was admitted to the ER because s/he got hit by a train?” I have a lot of friends that are curious about what i’m seeing in there but i’m reluctant to text things i’m seeing to them. I understand HIPAA mostly deals with electronic exchange of information from health care providers, so I may be citing the wrong law, but I would just like to know the safest way to inform my friends on what i’m seeing. Thanks!

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