She Came, She Ate, She Conquered: Food Columnist Karina Alexander graduates and signs off

Food Columnist Karina Alexander graduates and signs off.

San Francisco has been my home for the past four years. I have tried great food, developed an respectable palette that consists of more than Top Ramen and Jell-o, and explored more restaurants than I can count (or even remember). Although I am sad to leave, I am excited to share my food adventures at my next destination. San Francisco has shaped the foodie I am today and left me a closet full of food tips that I bid you all adieu with.  

KARINA’s Do’s and Don’ts of the SF Food Scene

Don’t be afraid to take advice from a stranger

I have talked to too many of my friends who think that strangers who give them suggestions on where to eat are crazy. I think my friends are crazy. The best unknown restaurants I have eaten at have been recommended by people on the bus, strangers who have eavesdropped on a conversation, and even homeless people. That being said, never pass up an opportunity for good food.


Don’t knock it until you try it

Over the years, I have found myself fond of foods that I claimed to have absolutely despised. I got caught off guard one night when a friend called me out on it. This being said, you really won’t be able to enjoy the food of San Francisco without at least giving the weird cuisine a shot.


Do ask for the recipes

This is one of the better tips I’ve gotten over the years. If you are out eating somewhere and absolutely love something, ask for the recipe! Most of the time they will provide you with it or at least the general way in which the food was prepared. I was always too shy to ask for the recipe to some of my favorite dishes, but more times than not, chefs are happy to share! This provides you with a framework to either adapt the recipe to put your own spin on it or simply remake it to share with friends.


Do branch out

For some reason, it took me the majority of my time living in San Francisco to realize that there is amazing food just outside of the city’s walls. I have had some of the best Dim Sum in Daly City, amazing soul food in Oakland, and Puerto Rican food to die for in San Rafael. If you have a car, take advantage of it and go explore the Bay Area! There is tons of food waiting for you to try it, but sometimes you need to make a special trek outside of the City to get to it.


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