Macklemore Rocks USF

The Seattle based rapper Macklemore, born Ben Haggerty, and music producer Ryan Lewis rocked the crowd at USF Friday night in their last US concert before continuing their tour in Japan.

USF student Royce Anies, aka Dj Devarock, got the intimate crowd of concert goers pumped before the lead act took the stage, blasting all things bass infused, ranging from Nicki Minaj to Swedish House Mafia. However, not even the bone rattling bass could have rivaled the chants of “Mack-le-more! Mack-le-more!” and screams of elation that filled Koret’s Swig Gym as they took the stage. Macklemore jumped around stage, grabbing the audience’s hands and shouted every word of his rhymes in unison, nearly drowning out the rapper himself at times. However, the crowd listened attentively when Macklemore took a moment to talk about the city by the bay. “You know, I like my things a little older, worn out…I love San Francisco. Do you know which part I like best? The tenderloin…The other side of Union Square.” He said, continuing, “I like my cities with grit, gum on the sidewalks. San Francisco has grit.”

At that point, Macklemore noted that many members of the audience were wearing apparently thifted fur coats, a shout out to his two time platinum song “Thrift Shop,” which has also claimed the number one spot on the Billboard top 100 charts for three weeks, in addition to topping the charts in Denmark, UK, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand. He asked to borrow one concert goers coat, which felt “a little small” according to the rapper who then launched into “Thrift Shop”, accompanied by Michael Wansley, better known as Wanz. The song was well received by the electrified audience, feeding off of

Macklemore’s enthusiastic performance, who jumped around the stage and bumped shoulders with his fellow musicians. At the end of the song, Macklemore asked the audience to “crowd surf the bear”, or get the borrowed coat back to the person who gave it to him in the first place.
The relatively small crowd gave the performance a feeling of intimacy, and Macklemore’s penchant for talking to the audience made the experience personal. It’s not a concert anyone in the audience will soon forget.


*For more pictures, check out the Foghorn’s Flickr account, which has an entire photo collection of Friday’s concert

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