Women’s and Men’s Voices performed the charming holiday song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” (Photo by Natalie Gallo)

ASUSF Voices Concert Delights USF

It was a week of performance – from dance, music, to a capella singing, PASJ hosted a variety of shows and events to celebrate all that the Performance Arts & Social Justice Major had done. On November 25th in the Presentation Theater, Voices, USF’s largest campus choir group, celebrated the success of their 25th season. With an almost full auditorium, the show garnered a great turnout and audience members showed enthusiasm and pride for their friends, classmates, and fellow students.

The introduction of the show began with an angelic entrance of over fifty Voices members. The concert included performances by different subgroups within the larger choir. Some standouts included the Women’s Voices second piece “Prayer of the Children,” led by student conductor Keala Frietas. This piece showcased the range and talent of the Women’s Voices group.

Freshman Adam Lange played a convincing Mr. Grinch during the Men’s Voices performance of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” (Photo by Natalie Gallo)

Freshman Adam Lange played a convincing Mr. Grinch during the Men’s Voices performance of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” (Photo by Natalie Gallo)

Another crowd favorite that received roaring applause was the Men’s Voices rendition of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Not only did this fun piece bring the holiday spirit to campus, but it also brought laughter amongst the crowd as a choir member wore a Mr. Grinch mask and pestered the singers as they performed. Sophomore Dominic Lizama said, “After hearing all the Voices together, I thought the Grinch song was the best!”

A personal favorite of the night included a percussion piece featuring Francesca Rivera. By incorporating percussion from a different part of the world, the piece was unique, catchy, and danceable.

At the end, it seemed as if they saved the best for last when international student Mengyao Wang blew away the audience with her singing during the finale song, “All I Want for Christmas.” After her solo performance, the audience immediately began cheering and the enthusiasm for the upbeat number was kept until the end of the night.

After the show was over, Voices held a reception in the Education building and those interested in attending from students, family, to faculty, all enjoyed celebrating the success of the event. Altogether, PASJ’s Voices concert was festive and entertaining. We congratulate the Voices team on the show and the success of the 25th season!

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