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Phantogram Performs “Phresh” Music at Amoeba

The electronic-rock duo known as Phantogram came to perform at the legendary Amoeba Music in Haight-Ashbury for free this past Wednesday.

Phantogram’s Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel first came onto the scene in 2009 with the release of their first studio album “Eyelid Movies” and have been recording since. Their most recent album “Voices” was released last Tuesday on Feb. 18. Following the album release, the record store was filled with fans, in between the rows CDs, posters, vinyls, and DVDs, and filling in from the sides to watch the band perform. Though the crowd mostly consisted of Phantogram’s fan base, music lovers of all ages came to watch the performance and also did some perusing of their own throughout the store.

Carter and Barthel were set up on Amoeba’s stage along with their signature keyboard and guitar. The stage set up was simple due to the limited space, only consisting of Phantogram and their instruments; but what they lacked in decor, they made up for in their performance. Barthel’s vocals filled the room with her chilling, smooth sounds as she clutched the microphone in her hand, while bobbing to the music. Carter accompanied her on the guitar along with the two backup keyboardists.

Jack Kennedy, a USF sophomore, said that though Phantogram’s performance wasn’t quite up to their usual energy level, it was still enjoyable.

“It wasn’t as dynamic as their other shows, but their ability to mix acoustic sounds with electronic sounds is of course what gets me. They have a lot of different aspects going on at once,” Kennedy said.
Despite the smaller performing space, Phantogram delivered. Performing their new songs off their latest album including “Bill Murray” and their single “Black Out Days” was the perfect way to get the audience excited and show them what to expect from “Voices.” The rest of the concert showcased their past classics including “Don’t Move” from their 2011 EP “Nightlife.”  Though the concert only consisted of only four songs, it sold many audience members to buy their album. The crowd cheered as they finished their set, and the first 200 people who bought the CD, scrambled to meet Phantogram to get their CDs signed.

“They played their first hit song, which is always a classic and they brought out some new stuff. All in all I was impressed. I have seen them once before and they sounded just as good in the more intimate setting,” Kennedy said.

Live at Amoeba showcases varied music genres ranging from rock to bluegrass. Information on the dates of the shows and performers can be found on Amoeba Music’s website at

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