The Story of the Elements Entertains All

Audience Members Learn to Shake their Hips at the Annual Ho’ike

Friends and family piled into McLaren this past weekend to enjoy the 5th Annual Ho’ike, in which USF students in the Hawaiian Ensemble performed various dances celebrating the stories of the elements.

Before the performance, guests were able to dine in the conference center where delicious barbecue was served.  Traditional Hawaiian music played over the sound of eating and mingling, getting everyone in the mood for the upcoming dancing.
After an hour of eating, the show was ready to begin.  Melissa Tecson, serving as the master of ceremonies for the night, livened the audience as she introduced the first dance of the elements.  The lovely ladies of the Hawaiian Ensemble took to the stage dressed in bright tropical dresses, designed and stitched by the members themselves.

Maintaining true Hawaiian form, the dances did not merely depict earth, wind, and fire, but rather how “the wind kisses the water,” as Melissa explained.  And although the majority of the ensemble members were women, the men of the dance group eventually took the stage, causing a thunder of whistles and cheers from their friends, and—I assume—every middle aged woman present, as they were all shirtless and covered in tribal art.

Before wrapping up, the show took pause for a lighthearted moment, as members went into the audience to select their friends and relatives to join them on stage for a dance tutorial, in which they were forced to awkwardly swerve and shake their hips.  The show finally ended with all the members in a compilation dance of the elements, followed by resounding applause.

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