The “smoking garden” between Gillson and Phelan Hall is one of two designated smoking areas on campus — but not for long, if students vote yes on banning ‘bacco. (Photo by Nicholas Welsh)

USF May Ban Tobacco

ASUSF Senate met last Tuesday to discuss a proposition that aims to enforce a campus wide tobacco ban. If the proposition passes, students will see it on the ballot for ASUSF Spring Elections on April 14, and will be able to vote for themselves whether or not they want a 100% tobacco free campus.

At the time of publication, Senate had not yet voted on the propisition. Two-thirds of Senate must approve the proposition for it to pass.

ASUSF Senate President John Chibnall, senior, and Student of Color Representative Jennifer Echeagaray, sophomore, presented Resolution 13-14-04, entitled “ASUSF Should Approve a Ban of Tobacco at the University of San Francisco,” to Senate members last week.

The resolution states: “Because USF is not smoke or tobacco free, some members of the Association have expressed concern for their health and environment,” and “some students feel that allowing tobacco on our campus is contrary to the Jesuit mission of the University of San Francisco.”

Kamal Harb, director of USF Health Promotion Services (HPS), said HPS “supports the students’ referendum to have USF become [a] 100% tabacco free campus, and join over 1,182 college or university campuses in the U.S. that have adopted 100% tabacco free campus policies.”

Currently, there are two designated smoking areas, the ‘smoking garden’ on main campus and one on Lone Mountain. No official punishment is given for students found smoking in undesignated areas on main campus, but USF does have ‘fresh air marshalls’ who circulate campus and remind smokers to use the designated areas.
Echeagaray said it was increasing USF student concern about on-campus tobacco use that pushed senate to create a referendum. “In order to address this concern, Senate created a referendum that would have the student body vote on whether or not they would support a tobacco ban at USF,” wrote Echeagaray, in an email.

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