Take Me Back to Mars

The much anticipated, entirely fan-funded, Veronica Mars movie is sure to please the “Marshmallows” out there.

The TV series ‘Veronica Mars” ran from 2004-2007, a three-season run, before it was cancelled. The series starred Kristen Bell (“Parks and Recreation,”  the anonymous voice in “Gossip Girl”) as a sassy teenage private eye, a la Nancy Drew…but much cooler. Mars and her group of outlier friends worked to solve crimes in the fictional town of Neptune, CA—a town with a serious class divide; a town where celebrities and their kids clash with the working-class. This divide is the catalyst for many crimes Mars has to solve.

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Undocumented and Unafraid

Earlier this month, President Obama dubbed himself as the “champion-in-chief of comprehensive immigration reform” stating that “until Congress passes new laws, I am constrained in what I am able to do.” This addressed accusations from undocumented activists frustrated with Obama’s administration deporting more people than any of their predecessors and nicknaming him “deporter-in-chief”.

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You Could Be the Next ASUSF Senate President

Johnny Chibnall’s Tips for Candidates

     As current ASUSF Senate President Johnny Chibnall is graduating in May, the time has come for a new president to step forward. Think you have what it takes?

After a succesful two term presidency, Chibnall is sharing his tips on how to fill the role of next ASUSF Senate President.

1. “Remember that you are a student first. Balance is important because without it your work in and outside the classroom will not be your best.”

2. “You have to love USF and the work you do to be president. The job is often thankless, but if you are doing the job to make the school and community better then you will not burn yourself out or grow bitter. The minute you start making it about you, your ability to handle the position will change for the worse.”

3. “Start early. You will be elected with the rest of your executive board at the end of April so start working then.”

4. “Don’t do it for the money. Yes, the president and other executives receive compensation for their work but the compensation should not be the only reason you are doing the position.”

5. “Have fun! You are the president of the Associated Students of USF. It is a big role that is a lot of work, but it is also a really good time, embrace it!”

6. “Never be afraid to ask for help. You are the president of an undergraduate student body, not the almighty.”

7. “Learn how to be structured and flexible at the same time. Have a plan of attack for your initiatives so that they get done but also do not be so set in your timeline that you miss the opportunities that organically arise.”

8. “Know the position. You have veto power but you also don’t get a vote in the Senate.”

9. “Know the past. There are many great ideas that you or your Senators will have that have already failed before. There is a fine line between a great idea and the ability to implement it well so do not waste time trying to push through an idea that is not realistic at our school.” 

PICTURE CAPTION:  Senior Johnny Chibnall has lead the school as ASUSF Senate President for a two year term.