The fence has gone up! Dolo will be closed for the following 14 months, but don’t worry, half of the park will be kept open... hope you don’t mind squeezing in!

Dolores Park to Close for 14 Months

Dolores Park, or Dolo as it is often called around campus, is undergoing a $13.2 million dollar renovation which will leave at least half of the park closed until spring of 2015, according to SF Chronicle.

Fences went up last Wednesday around the Mission District park, one of the city’s (and USF student’s) most popular destinations for sunny days, blocking the area between 18th St. and the park’s central walkway from visitors. The area is scheduled to reopen in seven months, while phase two of the renovation will close down the remaining area, between the central walkway and 20th St., for a following seven months, reports the Chronicle.

The renovation to Dolores will include new restrooms, renovated tennis and basketball courts, a new multi-use court, improved off-leash dog play areas, and an improved 18th St. park entrance, amongst other updates, according to the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. The renovation is part of the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, a $185 million dollar general obligation bond, that over 71% of San Francisco voters approved.

According to Dolores Park Works, construction will cause some noise between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, as subcontractors begin excavating and loading soil and other materials into trucks.

Jacob Gilchrist, project manager for the city’s Recreation and Park Department, said that community neighbors and park visitors preferred to have half the park open at all times, rather than to shut down the whole park for a quicker renovation.


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