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Fun and Free Events Before Final Exams

In need of a study break? Here is a lineup of free upcoming events to check out this week.

Saturday, Nov. 9 — 2013 Leap Sandcastle Contest at Ocean Beach

  • Check out Northern California’s largest sand castle building contest. The theme is “Masterpieces in the Sand” and teams are encouraged to sculpt works of art from history.
  • 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Saturday – Monday, Nov. 9-11 — Free National Parks Weekend 

  • All national parks will be free this Veteran’s Day Weekend. Escape the city and immerse yourself in nature this weekend at local national parks like Muir Woods and Yosemite.
  • Parking fees are waived.
  • All day

Sunday, Nov. 10 — KUSF’s Rock’n’Swap 

  • McLaren Hall, USF
  • KUSF is welcoming all music lovers and vendors to sell, buy, and exchange music related items at their second Rock’n’Swap.
  • Bring cash to purchase items.
  • 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Monday, Nov. 11 — Classical Revolution Chamber Music Jam

  • The Revolution Cafe in the Mission District
  • Enjoy live chamber music performed by local musicians every Monday.
  • 8:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 12 — Movie Night: The Gratitude Experiment 

  • Phelan Hall LL01, USF
  • The University Ministry is showing the film “The Gratitude Experiment,” which explores how showing gratitude can change your life positively. Popcorn and refreshments will be provided.
  • 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15 – 16 — Indie Mart Mini Vintage Art and Fashion Party

  • Workshop SF between McAllister and Baker St.
  • Indie Mart is a hosting 12 vendors selling vintage and repurposed goods. There will also be food trucks
  • 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Beware Billy Goats Gruff! Under the old Bay Bridge now lives a great ugly troll, but don’t worry, it’s there to keep travelers safe. 
(Photo: Courtesy of California Department of Transportation)

What Will Become of the Bay Bridge Troll?

As the excitement around the opening of the Bay Bridge’s new east span abates, new concerns about safety are surfacing. As a rule, I am suspicious of heroes, but the Bay Bridge troll is an arresting figure. While the origins of the Bay Bridge troll are up for discussion, legend has it that the troll mysteriously appeared as a fixture on the bridge in the aftermath of the 1989 earthquake to keep travelers crossing the Bay Bridge safe.

Demure, the Bay Bridge troll didn’t seek the spotlight for his heroism. Instead, his 18 inch indomitable frame remained quietly esconded above pier E-9, with the fates of countless travelers and the weight of the entire bridge perched on his angular shoulders.  That is, until recently.

The publicity surrounding the newly completed construction of the Bay Bridge has garnered the troll quite a bit of attention as concerned citizens wonder if their hero will be destroyed along with the old bridge.

According to recent reports, the Bay Bridge troll was removed from his position on the old bridge and is now in a secure, albeit undisclosed, location. While this news is comforting, it doesn’t assuage the concerns that many residents of San Francisco have voiced about venturing across the bridge without the mystical protection the troll provided.

Who will protect the countless motorists commuting in and out of the city? What will become of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Troll? Rumors are already circulating that, in the interest of public safety, a new troll will assume his role as the sole protector of the bridge. As for the old troll, his legacy will live on and his heroism will not be forgotten.

Attendees were able to browse through diverse collections of music-related items, making it difficult to walk out with nothing. 
(Photo: Courtesy of Shelby Black)

KUSF Rock ‘N’ Swap Strikes a Chord

Early morning on Sunday, September 8th, numerous vans rolled onto USF campus for 30th annual KUSF Rock ‘N’ Swap. The first KUSF “Sock” ‘N’ Swap was held off campus in 1983 at the Kabuki Theatre, when it was solely used for event purposes. Now held in McLaren Hall, KUSF has teamed up with local and nonlocal vendors to put together one of the largest music fairs in the city. This year, buyers came as far as from Japan to look at the collection, and vendors from San Diego even made an appearance.

Ann Averill, a junior and KUSF DJ, encourages students to come and check out what the event has to offer.  She said, “you’re going to be really surprised on how big it is. It’s almost like going to Comic-Con. It’s huge and it brings in a whole lot of people. It’s bigger than what you would imagine.”

Admission is free to students. Music enthusiasts can find discounted records, DVDs, posters, and tapes from every genre and musician. Doors opened at 7am and music lovers began filing in to get their hands on the rare merchandise found at this swap. Miranda Morris, coordinator of KUSF events, describes Rock ‘N’ Swap as an event where adults and students can come together with a common interest. She said, “this event definitely brings a music culture to campus in all sorts of varieties; whether its musicians, vendors, or collectors.”

Students can also interact and talk to the KUSF DJ’s who help manage the event. Morris hopes the Rock ‘N’ Swap will encourage other students to become more active with KUSF.

Rock ‘N’ Swap is held three times a year; the next one will take place in November. To get more information on the event or to be involved with KUSF, please visit their website at

Evelyn Obamos and JB are returning Late Night at Crossroads performers that ask the audience to sing along with them. (Photo: Courtesy of USF Campus Activities Board)

Late Night at Crossroads Showcases USF Talent

Last Thursday, the Campus Activities Board held their first “Late Night at Crossroads” event of the year. This casual show, happening every first and third Thursday of each month, features USF students performing anything from acoustic solos to spoken word pieces. Thursday’s show brought a great turnout and at one point, over a hundred students were in attendance, listening to a range of performers. Not only did this audience participate and support throughout, but the performers themselves were also enthusiastic and open to those listening.

It was exciting to see how many of the performers were freshmen, representing the new talent we now have on campus! Some crowd favorites included Kyle McKeever, sophomore and member of the duo NA$A. His controversial and powerful rap about his current views on the state of the American government was intensified by his decision to wear a blindfold during his performance. By ending with the line “Will you stand up for what you believe in?” he garnered support and undivided attention from audience members.

Another standout was a sophomore student who goes by the name of Chubz. His fantastic and humorous spoken word piece about twerking had the entire audience laughing, clapping, and nodding their heads.

Evelyn Obamos, a current 5th year dual degree student, and boyfriend JB sang a medley of love songs. They covered popular hits such as “Summertime Sadness” and “Titanium” so all could sing along. Their beautiful voices complemented each other well and both were enthusiastic to perform at CAB Late Nights for their third time.

Another crowd and personal favorite was sophomore Lena Perzyna. With an absolutely unique and rich tone, her captivating voice was the highlight of the night. Singing tunes from artists like Nina Simone, Lena stole everyone’s heart with her quirky personality and her fascinating and infective voice. Her acoustic rendition of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” was simply perfect.

To close the show, coordinator and current student Melyssa Perla said, “[my] favorite part of this event is speaking to students after they’ve performed and talking to the audience about how they felt.” USF’s CAB organizes events to bring the community together. Overall, “Late Night at Crossroads” was a relaxing affair filled with music, poetry, coffee, and good company. If you missed the event last Thursday, there are more opportunities to attend CAB’s upcoming events throughout the school year.

To participate for the next Late Night on September 19th, feel free to email or

Student Involvement Still Strong After KUSF Sale

As many students know, the Federal Communications Commission approved the University of San Francisco sale of KUSF radio in June to the University of Southern California. This sale gave USF $3.75 million.

In spite of the sale, there is an estimate of 150 to 250 students filling out applications trying to get involved with the station. Bailey Onaga, a senior double major in fine arts and Japanese studies, said that she is most excited about KUSF being primarily student-run as well. “Whether you’re into The Smiths, Frank Zappa, polka, or whatever, we welcome students of all music tastes. The more diverse, the better.”

Who’s the FCC?- The Federal Communications Commission has the power to regulate frequency, power program content, and location in all 50 states, The District of Columbia and U.S. territories

Currently, KUSF is planning to be operated as an online only station very soon. Miranda Moore, coordinator of KUSF, said that the online streaming should be up and running on in the next couple of weeks.

The broadcast studio has been moved to Cowell 416. Originally the studio was located in Phelan Hall, and had been there broadcasting for over 35 years. According to Steve Runyon, KUSF general manager, the station has been streaming online since the 1990s.
In terms of the sale, Moore is very optimistic. “We definitely had to realize that the university made the decision and at the end of the day, I felt very strongly that I wanted to students to have some kind of station regardless if its online only,” she said.

Some of the positives Miranda mentioned for an online only radio is that there are no FCC regulations, and she feels that it would be less intimidating for students to get involved. “ A lot of students are hesitant to broadcast in front of 30,000 people but maybe broadcasting to 30-50 people isn’t so intimidating.”

Showing KUSF’s awards displayed in the office, Runyon said it has been frustrating going through the sale process. “KUSF was considered probably generally the best college radio station that ever existed. Awards from Schwarzenegger and the California Board of Supervisors…we had so much external recognition but that didn’t seem to matter when it came to being able to turn it into cold hard cash,” he said.

Runyon also said that he is moving forward with the sale, despite all the changes KUSF had to go through. “In May of 2011, our entire facility was torn out and most of it thrown into a dumpster, because in Phelan, they were renovating the floor,” he said.
At that point KUSF was offered a seminar room. According to Runyon, the university pulled the plug on financing KUSF, so there was no money to make any developments and progress.
After receiving enough funding from the university, Runyon said KUSF was able to rebuild their studio and has been moving forward to adapt to the changes.
“It’s progressing from the standpoint of getting students interested into a student station, which is what Father Privett wants. Hopefully it will work out for us, but it really depends on the interest of the students,” he said.

Moore emphasized that the important part with having great student involvement is having partnerships within the community.

In the next few years, KUSF will focus on working with students in the studio and getting professors involved in hosting radio shows. So far, members of University Ministry have already reached out to working with the station, according to Moore. She hopes KUSF will be able to partner with the athletics department in the future.

“We have been really excited with the possibilities of all the positive community building KUSF could be a part of within USF’s community while exposing others to new music, USF academic and culturally enriching lectures, sports…and so much more,” Moore said.

Onaga also shared the same difficulties in accepting the sale, but is looking forward to KUSF’s future. “At first it was difficult coming to terms with the sale, but now enough time has passed so I am able to see this as an exciting new beginning. KUSF will never be 90.3, but I’m really positive for and am grateful for the experiences I’ve had.”

Interested in Joining KUSF? Contact Miranda Moore at