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Esteban Burchard challenges the audience’s perceptions of race. (Photo Courtesy of Joe Isaac/Foghorn).

The Race Factor in Biomedical Research

Doctors Esteban Burchard and Sean Valles debated the significance of race in contemporary biomedical practice at USF last week. Their presentations- segments from a larger forum titled The Race Debates: From Philosophy to Biomedical Research- focused on the practicality of using racial distinctions in a biomedical context.

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Get ‘Er Done – Tricks of the Trade for Getting Through the End of the Semester

Study materials

Are you prepared for finals season? (Photo by Jesse Gill on Instagram)

Feeling, stressed, overworked, and/or drained? You’re not alone, and students and faculty have some helpful tips for utilizing USF’s resources (and your own) to make that light at the end of the tunnel seem a little less far away.

Whether you’re worrying about registration, graduation, changing your major, or just falling behind, this is your inside guide to getting on track.

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Hey man, got any grass? The goats are back on Gleeson Lawn pictured here hanging out with Diana Fabian. (Photo Courtesy of Danielle Maingot).

USF Earth Day Directs Students’ Attention Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle

At USF, the earth means the world to us, and last Tuesday Apr. 22, students, faculty, and community members had the chance to prove that sentiment by celebrating Earth Day on Gleeson Plaza. Nearly thirty tables from clubs and outside organizations promoting a sustainable world attended the event. There were also food trucks, face painting, henna, baby goats, and free tea samples.

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