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Staff Editorial

Staff Editorial: Opposing the Unopposed

This year, every candidate that ran for an executive board position on ASUSF Senate was unopposed. This means that the new ASUSF President won by default. The same goes for the Vice President of Business Administration, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Mission and Vice President of Sustainability. All of these candidates won simply because they filled out a form on time.  It is no small victory either—senators on the executive board have more power, and earn more money (taken from the student activity fee that each undergraduate student is required to pay) than any other student leaders by far.

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Last year’s CAB concert was huge, and this year looks promising too  —  CAB has  already sold out their target of 1,000 tickets, and opened up 200 more which are close to selling out. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Rhoades/Foghorn)

Are you Rooting for DON-A-ROO?

We’re two days away from DON-A-ROO, the annual Spring concert at USF organized by the Campus Activities Board.  This year, St. Lucia will be performing in support of the electronic trio Krewella on Feb. 8.  Most of us Dons have heard great things about last year’s Macklemore performance, so is it even possible for Krewella to top it this year?

CAB’s concert director, John Hewitt, expects this year’s show to blow people away — despite the fact that Ellie Goulding was the first choice for the show, but couldn’t attend because of her European Tour.  It is no secret that electronic dance music—or EDM rather—has become increasingly popular over the past couple years. Artists like DeadMau5 and Skrillex have attracted quite a large fan base as a result of music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Camp Bisco.  So, it’s no surprise that Krewella would seem like the obvious choice for a headliner. But what do the students have to say about it?

“I’m kinda over the ‘rave scene.’ I’d rather see something new and different,” Alison Collins, freshman, said.

“You know what’d be cool? If they got someone like Weird Al, or Smashmouth to play. Just this awesome, [nostalgic] band that everyone knows and loves,” Alec Kaplan, junior, said.

Perhaps the popular choice isn’t the best choice, at least according to a couple of students.  Should CAB have gone the retro route?  Granted, St. Lucia was booked as the opening act in favor of Hewitt, who describes the five-piece band as having a “tropical 80’s style.” Maybe that’s as retro and as far away from EDM as we’re gonna get for this year’s DON-A-ROO.

In addition to the annual pressure of picking a compelling headliner for the show, CAB faced an even bigger challenge, given the exponential success of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, thanks to songs like “Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” and “Same Love.”  The duo won four Grammys last week in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance.

When some students were asked about their expectations for DON-A-ROO, half of them hadn’t even heard of Krewella.  Hewitt considers this fact to be in the concert’s favor.  “Krewella may not be as well known as Macklemore, but if you look back to this time last year, there were a lot of students who did not know who he was earlier, and that’s the fun in bringing up and coming talent,” Hewitt said.

Who knows what we can expect from this year’s show.  Maybe next year we’ll be bragging about how Krewella performed exclusively for USF; or maybe we’ll still be talking about Macklemore.  Either way, how many universities do you know of that hold concert quality performances on campus?  One of the great things about San Francisco is the easy access to great live music, and we get to have just that in our own school gym.

A clown masked actor was one of the frightening faces in the haunted house. (Photo by Danielle Maingot)

CAB Ends October with a Fright!

Last Wednesday on Oct. 30, USF’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) held their annual Fright Night, which included the best campus haunted house I’ve seen. Fright Night has become an annual USF tradition that takes place a day or two before Halloween.

Johnny Chibnall and Makenzi Brown of the ASUSF Senate Executive Board took part in the Halloween fun dressed as a nun and cat. (Photo by Danielle Maingot)

Johnny Chibnall and Makenzi Brown of the ASUSF Senate Executive Board took part in the Halloween fun dressed as a nun and cat. (Photo by Danielle Maingot)

With a line winding around McLaren lobby, the event gained much attention from the USF community. It was initially slow to pick up, but as soon as the first batches of students went in and loved the experience, more and more started to rush into the building.

The haunted house was done professionally and student actors prepared for over two weeks to make sure their parts were as scary and convincing as possible. Strobe lights were placed to disorient students, actors in clown masks frequently jumped out at groups, and the screams of innocent victims were heard all throughout McLaren for hours. Within the tunnels were endless streamers, strings falling around you, bewildering you along the journey. Not only were the participants constantly in character, but the general design of the haunted house itself was executed excellently.

Student clown actor Sean Gresems said, “It was the best thing I’ve ever done!” He navigated his way throughout the dark ominous tunnels popping out as individuals walked by. With the orange frazzled hair, wide grin and pale white face, it was almost hard not to want to run in the opposite direction.  Attendants agreed that it was a fun and frightening way to begin Halloween weekend. Many students also attended the event in costume, contributing to the spooky theme. Overall, CAB put on a widely successful and well-attended event that is bound to be even more terrifying next year.

Evelyn Obamos and JB are returning Late Night at Crossroads performers that ask the audience to sing along with them. (Photo: Courtesy of USF Campus Activities Board)

Late Night at Crossroads Showcases USF Talent

Last Thursday, the Campus Activities Board held their first “Late Night at Crossroads” event of the year. This casual show, happening every first and third Thursday of each month, features USF students performing anything from acoustic solos to spoken word pieces. Thursday’s show brought a great turnout and at one point, over a hundred students were in attendance, listening to a range of performers. Not only did this audience participate and support throughout, but the performers themselves were also enthusiastic and open to those listening.

It was exciting to see how many of the performers were freshmen, representing the new talent we now have on campus! Some crowd favorites included Kyle McKeever, sophomore and member of the duo NA$A. His controversial and powerful rap about his current views on the state of the American government was intensified by his decision to wear a blindfold during his performance. By ending with the line “Will you stand up for what you believe in?” he garnered support and undivided attention from audience members.

Another standout was a sophomore student who goes by the name of Chubz. His fantastic and humorous spoken word piece about twerking had the entire audience laughing, clapping, and nodding their heads.

Evelyn Obamos, a current 5th year dual degree student, and boyfriend JB sang a medley of love songs. They covered popular hits such as “Summertime Sadness” and “Titanium” so all could sing along. Their beautiful voices complemented each other well and both were enthusiastic to perform at CAB Late Nights for their third time.

Another crowd and personal favorite was sophomore Lena Perzyna. With an absolutely unique and rich tone, her captivating voice was the highlight of the night. Singing tunes from artists like Nina Simone, Lena stole everyone’s heart with her quirky personality and her fascinating and infective voice. Her acoustic rendition of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” was simply perfect.

To close the show, coordinator and current student Melyssa Perla said, “[my] favorite part of this event is speaking to students after they’ve performed and talking to the audience about how they felt.” USF’s CAB organizes events to bring the community together. Overall, “Late Night at Crossroads” was a relaxing affair filled with music, poetry, coffee, and good company. If you missed the event last Thursday, there are more opportunities to attend CAB’s upcoming events throughout the school year.

To participate for the next Late Night on September 19th, feel free to email cablatenights@gmail.com or melyssaperla@gmail.com.

Foghorn Interviews Fall Fest Headliner Mike Posner

Mike Interview_1

Foghorn/ USFtv: Who was your biggest musical inspiration growing up?
Mike Posner: Man, I had so many, so many influences growing up. A few that stick out are Nirvana, I had a big sister that listened to nirvana like all day so everything she did I thought was really awesome; I remember the day Kurt Cobain died. Beyond that I listened to mostly hip-hop when I was a kid so like things like The Roots and J Dilla, Nas, like that.

F/ USFtv: If you had to pick one song that was your favorite, your own or any other artist, what would you say it is?
MP: My favorite song is by The Killers, it called “Human.” Its like an absolute anthem- you’re nodding like you’ve absolutely not heard that before- no one really knows what it’s about, that’s kinda what makes it powerful. People can have their own interpretations so to people it can mean different things

F/ USFtv: How would you describe your own musical style? If you had one word to describe it how would you say it is?
MP: I’m kinda like a rapper trapped in a singer’s body so I sing about things that rappers would rap about.

F/ USFtv: How as your life changed since you’ve gotten really big? What’s the number one thing that has been different in your life?
MP: I don’t really feel any different; that’s why I really love doing shows at schools, like I just graduated like a year and a half ago so I really feel like the kids when I come here. Like I try to play basketball at the gym every time I go to a school. I don’t feel better than anybody here, I just feel like the same- my friends still give me more shit than they ever did, so…

F/ USFtv: Do you have a crazy fan story?
MP: Um, none that are really appropriate for your programming (smiles).

F/ USFtv: Whats your favorite place to tour?
MP: I hate that question, no offense, because I feel like whatever I say it’s gonna offend like, all the other places I did shows, but going back home to Michigan is always really special. Of the places overseas- I just did a show in Indonesia that was like really crazy, there was like way too many people there, I don’t really know how they knew who I was. Indonesia and Amsterdam and Australia, were the craziest.

F/ USFtv: Who have you been star struck the most by- any celebrities or musicians?
MP: Aw man. I met Nas… that was really, really nerve-wracking for me. I was really nervous when I met Jay-Z. I met Jay-Z when I was still at duke- I was in finals week of my junior year, I made my first mix tape, and my manager called and said “Yo, Jay-Z wants to meet you” and I was like “shut up dud, Jay-Z doesn’t wanna meet me” and then I went to new york and had a meeting with him for like 2 and a half hours and he talked to me for 2 and half hours and I was just kinda like (drops jaw) the whole time, and uh, I came back the next day, I was in the library finishing a paper, and I opened my email and he [had] offered me a record deal.

F/ USFtv: Who’s your favorite person that you worked with in the music industry so far?
MP: I mean I’ve been really blessed, some really, really talented people that I know I’m gonna tell my grandkids about some day- like Bruno Mars, been in the studio with like Wiz Khalifa, Boyz 2 Men, but I think like my favorite, favorite has to be Big Sean still because we just knew each other before like either of us were signed and there’s a dynamic to our relationship when we’re in the studio that cant really be duplicated because we’ve known each other so long

F/ USFtv: What’s the best thing you asked to have backstage in your dressing room?
MP: I get like the schools gym shorts, so I have like a crazy gym short collection that like I wear at home when I play basketball and my friends are just like ‘where did you get all those?”

Augustana Set to Headline Jammin’ for Justice Concert

The upcoming Jammin’ for Justice concert is sure to be a sleepless event—for concert goers and American Cancer Society supporters alike. In collaboration with USF’s Second Annual Relay for Life, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting a concert on April 1 while Relay for Life participants make their 24-hour walk on the second level of the Memorial Gym.

Relay for Life is a day-long walk that benefits the American Cancer Society and celebrates individuals who have battled cancer. According to Relay for Life, “cancer never sleeps,” so students who participate in the walk will endure a full 24 hours on the balcony level of the gym. “In the middle of that we’re going to have a concert,” CAB Concert Director Patrick Sudlow said.

Unlike CAB’s Fall Fest concert, the purpose of Jammin’ for Justice is to donate ticket sale proceeds to a non-profit organization of choice. This year CAB has chosen the American Cancer Society.

Jammin’ for Justice will headline Augustana, and will showcase opening acts Alma Desnuda, Kore Ionz and We Shot the Moon.

CAB chose the artists based on the highest requested music genres from student surveys. CAB distributes surveys after the previous years’ concerts to get an idea of what students would like to see in upcoming concerts.

The Fall Fest concert caters to Hip Hop music, which is the greatest genre demand for students. Jammin’ for Justice covers the second most preferred genre, rock alternative. By showcasing both music genres,“We’re trying to appeal to the entire USF community,” Sudlow said.

Students Taking Action Against Sexual Violence organized the first Jammin’ for Justice in October 2009. The concert, titled “Rock Against Rape,” brought awareness to sexual violence on campus while benefiting the Women’s Community Clinic in San Francisco.

“That event was such a success, it was moved under CAB. So this is the first year that CAB is doing the event but the second year that the university is hosting the event,” Sudlow said.

During the concert, a Relay for Life representative will speak on behalf of the American Cancer Society. A cancer survivor will join them on stage and commence a moment of silence.

Paper bags will also be available for purchase so concert goers can decorate then in honor of a loved one who has battled cancer.

Sudlow’s assistant and CAB’s Film Director Elizabeth Nye said, “I purchased one for my grandma because she passed away of cancer.”

The paper bags will be lined on the upper level of the gym where the Relay for Life lap is occuring. Candles will also be lit during the silent walk in memory of people that have passed away.

CAB announced its headlining artists at the Last Comic Standing event last week to make the concert more well-known among students. “Definitely with the Fall Fest concert, I think everyone knows that happens every year. So we’re hoping that soon the university community is going to know that CAB puts on these two concerts every semester,” Sudlow said.

Since Jammin’ for Justice is only on its second run at USF, Sudlow believes students are not as familiar with it yet. “Because it’s a new event, we have the ability to create how we want it to come about.”

Sudlow said CAB had a small budget to fund Jammin’ for Justice. “Artists as you know are … expensive,” he said. In acquiring a big-name artist, “That big artist took my budget and that was the cheapest I could get them.”

However, CAB received an additional $8000, leftover from Fall Fest.

The New Boyz who performed at Fall Fest last semester failed to meet contract requirements, so CAB kept part of their financial negotiation.

With the additional funds, CAB was able to add opening acts for the concert.

The first anual Jammin’ For Justice had an even smaller budget than what CAB was given.”We’re blessed that we get a budget for it but they [last year’s concert organizers] did a great job of utilizing the resources they had and drew a lot of people.”

In light of the two separate events that are simultaneously occuring, students can sign up for Relay for Life while enjoying the concert, Sudlow said.

If students are interested, they can form a team prior to the event. Each member in the team donates $10.

The top team that raises the most money will earn a meet-n-greet with the concert artists.

Sudlow said Relay for Life participants don’t have to purchase a concert ticket to take part in both events “beause they already made their donation and paid,” Sudlow said.

Walk-ins the day of the event will also be welcomed, as long as voluntary participants make their $10 donation.

Ticket sales for the concert will be $5 for USf undergraduate students, $10 for USF alumni and faculty, and $15 for the general public.

For more info about the event please go to usfca.edu/cab and click on the Jammin’ for Justice link.

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