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Arts + Architecture Students Team Up to Build New Arts Facilities Themselves

 After years of empty promises, USF students start digging on their own.

Art + Architecture students were caught dirty handed on Friday morning as they were carrying bricks and shovels and digging through the ground inside  XARTS with the hopes of creating a sunroof for their underground co-op.

USF students and faculty were aware of suspicious activity after cafeteria food and toilet paper rolls from bathrooms around campus started to disappear.

“USF has been promising a new arts building for years. It’s time we took matter into our own hands. Literally. We’re artists. Our hands are our tools.” said Henri Cubism, 5th year Fine Arts student.

Last year, USF promised to construct a brand new arts space but funding has gone towards the new sports and business facilities instead.

Architecture and community design students also drew the blueprint for the new building.

Entrance to the construction site requires a secret identification code that you have to draw before entering, restricting it only to XARTS students and faculty.

“To get in, you have to know how to draw a perfect circle without using a compass,” Cubism said. “Good luck, English lit students,”

Building plans include bigger classrooms, a lounge, a fireplace, wooden desks, a bathroom with showers, a jacuzzi, a built-in kitchen, futons, and a fully stocked fridge for those all-nighters.

Construction is scheduled to begin at 10p.m. on April 1. Students of the Art + Architecture major are inviting everyone to join.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bricks!)

DISCLAIMER: This piece was printed as part of The Foghorn’s April Fool’s Day issue on April 1st, 2014. This article is intended to be satirical.