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Student-Athletes Helped by Lawsuit Against NCAA

USF Associate Professor of Sport Management Dan Rascher, in tandem with L.A. based law firm Susman Godfrey, won a lawsuit earlier this year against the NCAA that will benefit student-athletes both at USF and at colleges and universities throughout the country.

In 1999, Professor Raschner and a colleague at an economic consulting firm took note of how much money college football coaches were being paid per year at Division 1 schools.

According to USA Today, five of the 199 Division 1-A head football coaches were earning over $1 million in 1999. This past season, USA Today reported that at least 42 of the 119 are earning over $1 million.

Under NCAA rules, student-athletes cannot be paid for playing sports.

The issue over student-athletes being paid has long been debated, with the usual conclusion being that they are getting paid through scholarships covering their education.

Professor Raschner believed the current rules to be unfair for student-athletes since many student scholarships did not cover all expenses or all the years that student-athletes were staying in school.

He decided to sue the NCAA rather than each school individually since the schools were following NCAA rules.

The main outcome of the settlement is that the NCAA will give $218 million to NCAA Division 1 schools on top of what they already give for scholarships.

This money will cover the 2007-08 through 2012-2013 academic years.

In addition, the NCAA will disburse $10 million over the next three years to former student-athletes for reimbursement of certain educational expenses that was not covered.

The NCAA also adopted year-round comprehensive health insurance for student-athletes and will explore the possibility of offering student-athletes multiyear scholarships and financial aid through graduation.

At USF, this means that student-athletes can be offered additional aid for emergencies and other academic related purposes, according to USF Athletics Director Deborah Gore-Mann.

The Foghorn commends Professor Rascher for his work and determination on behalf of the student-athletes at USF and throughout the country. When college coaches are making millions doing their job, we know that the collegiate sports industry must be thriving. The players who are making the industry a successful one should be rewarded not with payment, but with education.

Collegiate sports are an asset to each university. Sports are a large part of a university’s identity and help institutions financially.

They help with marketing the school, bringing in advertisements, money from selling tickets to sporting events and school merchandise sales only to name a few of the ways.

At this time of year in particular, during the NCAA basketball tournament, we see how much interest and recognition collegiate sports bring to universities. The hard work of these student-athletes should not go unnoticed, and with the work of Professor Raschner, they will not.