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Eat Your Heart Out: Foods to Share With The Ones You Love

Illustration by Elizabeth Brown/Foghorn

Illustration by Elizabeth Brown/Foghorn

I have a tendency to feed those I love. I’m a feeder. I have always been a feeder and will find any reason to bake or cook.  A birthday coming up?  I will bake a cake.  An anniversary? Chocolate fudge. Last day of class? Muffins. Funeral? Quiche.   There’s always a reason to feed!  And what better excuse than Valentine’s Day?  Here is my guide to the most nourishing aphrodisiacs to make for your Valentine.  And if you’re not a savvy chef, or are a dorm dweller living sans kitchen, there are plenty of prime dining out opportunities that invite romance and happiness.


Bring a romantic touch to breakfast by investing in a heart shaped waffle iron.  I typically reserve this handy kitchen devise for Mother’s Day, but may be dusting it off this Sunday (for someone whose name just so happens to be Sunday.) Decorate your waffles with red berries and a liberal amount of homemade whipped cream.  If your Valentine is not into the sweets you can get a heart shaped mold for eggs sunny side up, which would look nice next to heart shaped toast. You can also get a heart shaped butter mold for the toast. You can use the same mold to make ice and put hearts in their OJ.  Don’t be worried about going overboard with the heart shaped foods.  Valentine’s Day is about excess.


At the end of the day when you are nestled with your sweetheart, you will realize that a nice way to wind down is to eat fondue by the fire on a deerskin rug.  Chocolate and cheese: choose one or both, go crazy!  It’s the perfect activity for a couple.  As you passionately stab your fondue fork into chunks of fresh bread, your Valentine will be sure to take notice and will most likely fall deeply in love with you.  You can also make a romantic game out of it.  Each time a piece of bread falls into the cheese, or a strawberry falls into the chocolate, that means you must kiss one another.  Those are the rules of fondue.


My childhood of Nickelodeon taught me that beets are nature’s candy, and the vibrant reddish purple variety look top notch in a salad.  Remember the lesson I taught you for breakfast?  Excess.  Cut the beets into hearts before tossing them on a bed of mache with goat cheese and walnuts.  A fabulous appetizer for your loved one.

The Diner

You know that cliché image of the couple at the diner splitting a milkshake with two straws?  You should do it.


I enjoy eating family style and see it as a way for friends and lovers to bond.  Ethiopian is the ultimate experience in sharing food.  You and your lover will be eating from the same large and in charge plate.  At Ethiopian all dishes come on top of a bed of injera (a spongy crepe-like bread made from the teff grain.)   The bread it used as your utensil to scoop up the various meats and vegetables.  As you share your meal you and your loved one will become instantly closer and the spiciness of the food will leave you and your Valentine breathless and runny nosed.

Romantic San Francisco

In San Francisco there are plenty of places to rendezvous with your Valentine. This city bleeds romance and it’s difficult to find an un-charming spot.  Even walking in the tenderloin can be whimsical. Here are the top five spots for you and your loved one to venture to this Valentine’s Day.

Dolores Park – San Francisco is full of great parks, but Dolores is my personal favorite.  It’s in the warmest part of town and adjacent to Bi-rite creamery.  You and your valentine can get a cone of brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl and walk leisurely along the park while happily devouring your ice cream.  Alternatively Grand View Park is another great place for it offers a beautiful skyline (hence the name.) Pack a baguette and cheese (Humboldt Fog with fig jam), a soft blanket and a fluffy white dog and your venture to the park will be picture perfect.

The Red Vic Movie House – This small theatre on Haight Street offers cozy benches as opposed to the typical separate movie theater chairs.  This makes for easy cuddling during Annie Hall, which is playing this weekend.  If you’re not into Woody Allen (because you are crazy) and want to go some place more elaborate, then the Castro Theatre is another good choice and it’s elaborate baroque style will impress your date.  This weekend is John Hughes weekend and nothing says romance like Duckie Dale dancing to Otis Redding.

Candle Lit Yoga at Yoga to the People – On Sunday evening Yoga to the People, a donation based yoga studio in the mission, offers candle lit yoga.  The hour and a half vinyassa flow class is on the fifth floor in a studio with expansive windows, gorgeous hard wood floors and exposed brick walls.  The highlight of their class is the soundtrack.  I love doing Yoga to Bowie, Velvet Underground and The Beatles. This workout is guaranteed to get you and your loved one relaxed as well as a bit sweaty.  And the stretching helps for other activities…

Greens Restaurant – After you are well stretched, it’s important to find nourishment.  Greens restaurant is located at the Fort Mason Center and this vegetarian eatery has excellent views of Golden Gate and Sausalito.  I recommend getting there at sunset for a perfect view.  The menu is seasonal and all produce comes from their farm in Marin.  On my most recent visit I had the corn meal crust pizza that was topped with a fontina and smoked mozzarella blend, goat cheese, caramelized onions and butternut squash.  You should be salivating by now.

Sutro Baths – A beach can be a romantic place if secluded and private.  The beach near the Sutro Baths is usually not too crowded and it’s easy to find a place for you and your Valentine to be alone.  Around the old bathhouse there are these hedges of spongy bushes that are fun to bounce on and make for good picnics. After you picnic be sure to explore the caves and do a little light rock climbing.