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Tiye Sheppard (left) and Christian Ovando, two USF students that put together audio projects for the show, speaking on Balmy alley after the presentation. (Photo Courtesy of Tanya Dzekon).

“The Mission is more than Dive Bars and Tacos”

The doors of Galeria de la Raza on 24th street were wide open, and bolero music bounced wall to wall while USF students presented their audio and visual projects about the transformation of the Mission district in the light-filled gallery space.  Last Sunday, the students unveiled audio projects and photo essays that told the stories of a variety of residents of the Mission District – from the gentrifiers, to the gentrified, and everybody in between.


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"especially for [those] who might be more picky"

8 Perfect Places to Host Friends and Family for Graduation Season

1. Delfina This is the perfect place to have a small graduation dinner with your immediate family or significant other! Their menu offers plenty of authentic Italian style dishes to choose from and the restaurant is located in the heart of the Mission district, so it’s the perfect area to walk around in before heading to dinner.

Website | 3621 18th Street | 415.552.4055

2. Locanda Osteria Locanda is the sister restaurant to Delfina, but allows for bigger parties (7-15 people) due to their larger space. They also serve delicious Italian style entrees, from rigatoni alla carbonara to grilled whole fish, but their price points are set a little higher ($15-25 per entrée).

Website | 557 Valencia Street | 415.863.6800

3. Limon Rotisserie Limon can hold parties as large as 20 people and they have 3 locations in the city: one on Valencia St., one on S. Van Ness St., and one on Third St. They serve really great Peruvian dishes that are set at great price points ($5-15), so don’t feel bad about bringing your extended family and friends to this place.

Website | 5800 3rd Street | 415.926.5665

4. Tacolicious This is a great restaurant to bring both small and large parties to since they have a private dining room and also have 3 locations in the city: one in North Beach, another in the Mission, and one in the Marina. If you want good drinks, great modern Mexican cuisine, and a fun atmosphere, this is the perfect place to bring your family or friends.

Website | 741 Valencia Street | 415. 626. 1344

5. Beretta This is probably my go to place to host both my friends and family at because they have exceptional food and drinks, with their Italian style menu and bold liquor choices, and they have both an upstairs and downstairs component to their restaurant. They can accommodate up to 40 people in a single party and have a price range of $10-20.

Website | 1199 Valencia Street | 415.695.1199

6. The Brixton This restaurant is located in the middle of Union St. in the Marina district and is the perfect area to bring your family to for a grad dinner hoorah! (especially for your grandparents or others who might be more picky about what they eat). They can accommodate up to 20 people, offer items such as pretzel knots, clam chowder and grilled pork chop, and are open until midnight.

Website | 2140 Union Street | 415.409.1114

7. Mamacita If you really want to impress your friends and family, bring them to Mamacita solely for their incredible food. They can hold both small and large parties (up to 20 people), are located on lovely Chestnut Street in the Marina, and have both meat and vegetarian menus suitable for all food palates alike.

Website | 2317 Chestnut Street | 415.346.8494

8. Cliff House This historic restaurant located at the end of Ocean Beach is the most ideal place to have a graduation dinner since it is in the middle of SF’s most beloved natural areas, which include Lands End and the Presidio. It is best to go on a clear day when the sun is out and the ocean can be seen from your table inside the restaurant. They can hold small and large parties and have 3 different sections to their restaurant that allow for both casual and fancy dining.

Website | 1090 Point Lobos | 415.386.3330

All photos by Madeleine Forbes
mlforbes@usfca.edu | 818.235.3568

Hey man, got any grass? The goats are back on Gleeson Lawn pictured here hanging out with Diana Fabian. (Photo Courtesy of Danielle Maingot).

USF Earth Day Directs Students’ Attention Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle

At USF, the earth means the world to us, and last Tuesday Apr. 22, students, faculty, and community members had the chance to prove that sentiment by celebrating Earth Day on Gleeson Plaza. Nearly thirty tables from clubs and outside organizations promoting a sustainable world attended the event. There were also food trucks, face painting, henna, baby goats, and free tea samples.

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Photo Courtesy of Corinna Halloran

USF Alum Paves Own Path Through Sailing Photography

Right now, Corinna Halloran is on a sailboat somewhere in the ocean, braving the harsh winds and towering waves as she heads towards her destination. In the midst of these conditions, she is responsible for taking pictures, recording videos, maintaining a daily blog, and transmitting live reports.

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Foghorn staff from left to right: Matt Miller, Heidi Patton, Madeline Vanden Branden, Allison Fazio, Tanya Dzekon, Nureen Khadr, Alena Musso, Mia Orantia, Danielle Maingot, and Hayden Gehr. (Photo Courtesy of SF Foghorn).

So Long, Farewell from Us to You

Madeline Vanden Branden

My initiation into the Foghorn was unceremonious. A guy in my English class turned around and asked, “Does anyone want to copy edit the Foghorn? I’m tired of it.” The class groaned, shaking their heads. I raised my hand high, for even as a sophomore my passion for clean-copy was pervasive. After meeting with the Editor-in-Chief, where my enthusiasm won her over/creeped her out, I got the job.