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Staff Editorial

Staff Editorial: Opposing the Unopposed

This year, every candidate that ran for an executive board position on ASUSF Senate was unopposed. This means that the new ASUSF President won by default. The same goes for the Vice President of Business Administration, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Mission and Vice President of Sustainability. All of these candidates won simply because they filled out a form on time.  It is no small victory either—senators on the executive board have more power, and earn more money (taken from the student activity fee that each undergraduate student is required to pay) than any other student leaders by far.

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Open Letter from ASUSF Senate Regarding Bon App Boycott Results

Dear Students,

Undoubtedly one of the largest concerns that students had this academic year was regarding the many facets of the food service at USF which include the Office of Business and Finance, Bon Appétit management, Events Management and Guest Services as well as Bon Appétit the corporation.

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You Could Be the Next ASUSF Senate President

Johnny Chibnall’s Tips for Candidates

     As current ASUSF Senate President Johnny Chibnall is graduating in May, the time has come for a new president to step forward. Think you have what it takes?

After a succesful two term presidency, Chibnall is sharing his tips on how to fill the role of next ASUSF Senate President.

1. “Remember that you are a student first. Balance is important because without it your work in and outside the classroom will not be your best.”

2. “You have to love USF and the work you do to be president. The job is often thankless, but if you are doing the job to make the school and community better then you will not burn yourself out or grow bitter. The minute you start making it about you, your ability to handle the position will change for the worse.”

3. “Start early. You will be elected with the rest of your executive board at the end of April so start working then.”

4. “Don’t do it for the money. Yes, the president and other executives receive compensation for their work but the compensation should not be the only reason you are doing the position.”

5. “Have fun! You are the president of the Associated Students of USF. It is a big role that is a lot of work, but it is also a really good time, embrace it!”

6. “Never be afraid to ask for help. You are the president of an undergraduate student body, not the almighty.”

7. “Learn how to be structured and flexible at the same time. Have a plan of attack for your initiatives so that they get done but also do not be so set in your timeline that you miss the opportunities that organically arise.”

8. “Know the position. You have veto power but you also don’t get a vote in the Senate.”

9. “Know the past. There are many great ideas that you or your Senators will have that have already failed before. There is a fine line between a great idea and the ability to implement it well so do not waste time trying to push through an idea that is not realistic at our school.” 

PICTURE CAPTION:  Senior Johnny Chibnall has lead the school as ASUSF Senate President for a two year term.

ASUSF Responds to Foghorn Staff Editorial

Note: This response to the Aug. 21 Foghorn staff editorial was sent on Thursday, August 22, 2013.

To the editorial board of the USF Foghorn:

We would like to thank you for your article this week regarding the ASUSF funding process. We understand that having more time between print publications has placed some limitations on your traditional operations. However, we were encouraged to see that you are continuing to publish the content you see fit and we hope the additional time provided between issues will allow you
to develop your editorial techniques and to innovate your online presence.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 5.25.01 PMIn your article, you claimed you were being hindered in carrying out your ethical code which guarantees journalists “a freedom of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know”. Despite your claims of censorship levied since the budget hearings in April, Senate has never attempted to or indicated that we would limit or edit the position taken by, or the content of the Foghorn. However, we have always attempted to be clear that we were interested in the quality of the reporting and production. By the very fact that you have published this article in your first edition of the year, you have proven that we have no say in what you publish. You will face no financial repercussions for publishing this article in opposition to our funding policies. The sole purpose of the evaluation process is to address editing oversights, inaccuracies, and readership expansion. The proposed evaluation process is meant to be a time of reflection and growth about the expanding role of the Foghorn in the USF community.

The decision about the Foghorn was not taken lightly. In fact, the newspaper was given additional attention by both the ASUSF Senate Finance Committee and ASUSF Senate during the appeals and final budget approval processes in order to better understand all aspects and opinions of the debate.

The members of ASUSF Senate are representative of the entire undergraduate student body. It is in the interest of these students that agencies of the university, including the Foghorn, represent the students well. We are all expected to be fastidious in our professionalism and eager to learn in our positions to not only better ourselves, but the organizations we work for at the university.


The ASUSF Senate Executive Board