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Evelyn Obamos and JB are returning Late Night at Crossroads performers that ask the audience to sing along with them. (Photo: Courtesy of USF Campus Activities Board)

Late Night at Crossroads Showcases USF Talent

Last Thursday, the Campus Activities Board held their first “Late Night at Crossroads” event of the year. This casual show, happening every first and third Thursday of each month, features USF students performing anything from acoustic solos to spoken word pieces. Thursday’s show brought a great turnout and at one point, over a hundred students were in attendance, listening to a range of performers. Not only did this audience participate and support throughout, but the performers themselves were also enthusiastic and open to those listening.

It was exciting to see how many of the performers were freshmen, representing the new talent we now have on campus! Some crowd favorites included Kyle McKeever, sophomore and member of the duo NA$A. His controversial and powerful rap about his current views on the state of the American government was intensified by his decision to wear a blindfold during his performance. By ending with the line “Will you stand up for what you believe in?” he garnered support and undivided attention from audience members.

Another standout was a sophomore student who goes by the name of Chubz. His fantastic and humorous spoken word piece about twerking had the entire audience laughing, clapping, and nodding their heads.

Evelyn Obamos, a current 5th year dual degree student, and boyfriend JB sang a medley of love songs. They covered popular hits such as “Summertime Sadness” and “Titanium” so all could sing along. Their beautiful voices complemented each other well and both were enthusiastic to perform at CAB Late Nights for their third time.

Another crowd and personal favorite was sophomore Lena Perzyna. With an absolutely unique and rich tone, her captivating voice was the highlight of the night. Singing tunes from artists like Nina Simone, Lena stole everyone’s heart with her quirky personality and her fascinating and infective voice. Her acoustic rendition of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” was simply perfect.

To close the show, coordinator and current student Melyssa Perla said, “[my] favorite part of this event is speaking to students after they’ve performed and talking to the audience about how they felt.” USF’s CAB organizes events to bring the community together. Overall, “Late Night at Crossroads” was a relaxing affair filled with music, poetry, coffee, and good company. If you missed the event last Thursday, there are more opportunities to attend CAB’s upcoming events throughout the school year.

To participate for the next Late Night on September 19th, feel free to email cablatenights@gmail.com or melyssaperla@gmail.com.

KUSF’s Not Dead

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Last Thursday, KUSF hosted a very successful Late Nights @ Crossroads event with the anti-establishment pizzazz that one can expect from our late and great USF radio station. Rest in peace, dear sweet KUSF FM 90.3, but the USF music scene isnít going down without a fight.

The event was a showcase of USF musical talent, featuring Sir Taco and the Shells, Conor Oberst reincarnate Nik Pilgrim, the superhot girls-with-guitars of Bad Asteroid, and the punk rock shenanigans of Dead Set.

The show boasted a large turnout of USF students. Armed with KUSF t-shirts and many a Manic Panic dyed hair-do’s, patrons of all ages and music tastes danced the night away to USF’s homegrown music.

“We were trying to show KUSF as an entity at USF, not just a radio station,” said KUSF’s Michelle Rizzio, who was in charge of putting on the event.

Since KUSF was abruptly sold by the USF administration last year, KUSF has faced a shaky presence as an exclusively online radio station.

As for the future of KUSF, even Rizzio seemed unsure: “We are planning to release a zine as a creative outlet for people to say whatever they want to say. It may be unaffiliated with KUSF, but it will be run by the same people,” said Rizzio.

As the show went on, the last act of the night, Dead Set, stirred up some controversy with the administration. As the crowd got riled up, mosh pits began to break out, causing safety concerns.

Lead singer Conor Crockford performed pointed, politically charged lyrics that seemed to offend some members of the Student Leadership Engagement. SLE shut down the event 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, upsetting many of the students.
“To the administration, I say ‘Shame on you.’” Said Crockford shortly after his set was cut short. “For the future of KUSF I hope we can get back on the air to serve the underground rock bands.”

Despite some altercations, KUSF efficiently controlled the crowd and wrapped up the event early. The event was handled successfully as a tamed-down, Jesuit-friendly version of a real punk show.

Dylan Tonti, director of Late Nights @ Crossroads, stated, “It was great to have KUSF’s presence on campus again. I feel the school seems out of touch with what kids are really doing with their time. This was one of the more successful events that struck a chord with the student body.”

Really, I couldn’t agree more. In my two years at USF, I felt that this was the first school event I have ever attended that truly created a sense of community within our university.

It brought me back to my high school days of donning Doc Marten’s, dyed red hair, and too much eyeliner and moshing to my friends’ death metal bands in the high school gym.

Honest local music brings people together, and KUSF gave us a chance to experience that here at our very own Crossroads at USF.

To get involved with Late Nights @ USF and the USF music scene, swing by Crossroads Café in the 1st floor of the UC Building every 1st and 3rd Thursday nights of every month.