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Foghorn Asks: What is the Most Romanic Spot in the City?

Dong Nguyen

Dong Nguyen, Sophomore

“That’s a tough question. I don’t know if there are any romantic spots on campus. The only place I can think of is the stairs walking up to Lone Mountain. It has a really nice view looking downtown, and the water. In the city I would say Golden Gate Park. There is Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake where you can rent boats to row around.”

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Valentine’s Day: Love and Lack Thereof on USF Campus


Danny Sherman, Senior

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?

“I like it because it unites single people. Like last year a big group of us went wine tasting together and it was really fun! So is the pillow fight at Embarcadero.”

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“MONEY. Haha, just kidding. Hmm, probably ambition, someone definitely social and adventurous. I want to go skydiving on Valentine’s Day!”


Pi’ilani Lee (Sophomore)

Best or worst Valentine’s Day memory?

“I feel like I always get in a fight on Valentine’s Day, so if anything they are all pretty memorable.”

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“Tall, tan and cute!”


Georgette Nze (Sophomore)

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“He’s gotta be super charming”

Do you like or dislike Valentines Day?

“Depends on the year, and whether or not I’m with someone. Haha.”


Bryan VanLoh (Senior)

Best or worst Valentine’s Day memory?

“I was with my girlfriend for 3 years and we broke up right before Valentine’s Day, so I went to her house with flowers and chocolate and she was out with someone else. I ended up giving the stuff to her mom instead.”


Will De Aquino (Sophomore)

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“They have to be funny. A good personality is definitely a must.”

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?

“While I’m single I don’t really care about it either way. So I probably won’t care about it for a while.”


Halimah Najieb-Locke (Senior)

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?

“I like it in general, but its also my birthday so I wish it didn’t get overshadowed by that holiday. I want my diva time! Haha.”

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Students Create Costumes, Flock to LovEvolution

A roller skater glides past City Hall at LovEvolution enjoying the electronic music.  Photo by Adam Ross/Foghorn

A roller skater glides past City Hall at LovEvolution enjoying the electronic music. Photo by Adam Ross/Foghorn

On Saturday Oct. 3, hundreds of USF students took to the streets in route to the sixth annual San Francisco love festival, this year entitled “LoveEvolution.” The festival has developed quite the reputation during its tenure in the city, and this year didn’t disappoint. However, some aspects of the festival, specifically changes from last year, have caused controversy among the USF student body.

LovEvolution is essentially a citywide rave, featuring techno and electronica music and is, allegedly, a celebration of love, peace, and human unity. The festival begins as a parade up Market Street and ends in the Civic Center Plaza, with the party starting in front of City Hall. In the past, it was always called “San Francisco Love Fest,” and was inspired by a love festival in Berlin. This year the name was changed to LovEvolution due to conflicts with an event in Los Angeles called “The Love Festival.”

The name change didn’t hurt USF student interest; however, the change in admission cost did. Previously, the festival was always free, with a suggested donation, but its continued growth resulted in the implementation of a ten-dollar entrance fee. This fee was meant to aid in security costs, but some USF students are skeptical. Freshmen Maria Palma wasn’t happy about the fee; “I don’t think that the ten-dollar fee was worth it for LovEvolution. It felt more like the ten dollars they were asking for was just a cop out to get extra money.” Other students, like Sophomore Cayden Berkmoyer, thought the chance to dance all day and enjoy the festival’s energy was entirely worth the sacrificial ten bucks.

Berkmoyer describes LovEvolution as a, “quintessentially San Francisco event, harkening back to the days of peace, love, drugs, and rock-n-roll.” He pauses, though, to re-iterate, “I suppose the rock-n-roll is now electronica.” In walking around the festival, a few things become increasingly evident. The first is the level of intoxication of the people in the crowd. By mid-afternoon plenty of hard partiers are out cold, passed out facedown on the pavement, or in the first aid tent. Security guards circle around the various parade floats and dance floors, coming to the rescue of those who have had a little (or a lot) too much to drink. This is not to say that LovEvolution is an unsafe event, though. Alcohol policies are strictly enforced within the walls of the festival, and no one can purchase drinks without an ID verifying their legality. Bags, however, are not thoroughly searched, so some minors do manage to sneak illegal substances in. Freshman Alison Janigian is critical of the festival, claiming that it is simply an excuse for underage girls to, “dress slutty and drink their troubles away.”

Another aspect of the festival unique to LovEvolution is the level of nudity amongst the crowd. People of all ages let their inhibitions go… as well as their clothing. Freshman Ashby Conwell, found the lack of clothing liberating, “There was a lot of nudity but it didn’t feel sexual, it just felt free.” Many other USF students agreed with Conwell, agreeing that LovEvolution is more about a celebration of the human body, rather than degradation.

Every year many USF students put together extravagant costumes for the festival, and this year brought costume making to a brand new level. With the tight economy, many students didn’t have the funds to buy their outfits and stuck to good old fashion arts and crafts. Conwell and her friends wore pre-owned brightly colored clothing and completed their costumes with body paint. Berkmoyer said he wore, “A baby blue long sleeve shirt, multi-colored 80’s shorts, matching sunglasses and glitter. Lot’s of glitter.” Though he thought his outfit was outrageous, it was nothing compared to some of the others, he said.  There were people wearing thongs made of feathers, others dressed in full fairy garb, and still others in leather chaps and go-go boots. After a few hours, the dance floor consisted primarily of body paint and sweat.

Along the march from Market Street to City Hall, some revelers stopped along the way to dance, hula-hoop, and educate themselves about safe sex.  Photo by Joanna Burlison/Foghorn

Along the march from Market Street to City Hall, some revelers stopped along the way to dance, hula-hoop, and educate themselves about safe sex. Photo by Joanna Burlison/Foghorn

For some, LovEvolution was a huge success. Freshman Ryan Laursen said the event gave him “really good vibes” and he plans to attend next year. While Palma and Janigian both found the festival to be too focused on drugs, and less about love. At the end of the day, swarms of USF students fought for a space on packed muni buses or braved the wind and cold as they walked back to campus. Some attended after parties, others immediately went to bed, and almost everyone had some sort of crazy story to tell about LovEvolution 2009.

San Francisco Foghorn Personals

Chelsea Sterling

Avid Russian enthusiast and literary genius seeks James Dean (or Franco) lookalike to traipse through New York City with dark clothing and a vintage single lens camera. B.A. from Ivy League school required, no business or science majors need apply. A Beauty and the Beast-style library with a plethora of dusty books is a big plus. If you meet the physical and educational requirements listed above and your idea of a perfect dinner is cheese and wine- you are hired! Contact news@sffoghorn.info.


Laura Plantholt
Exotic animal enthusiast and novice jigsaw puzzler seeks companion to share the 45 mins of free time she has a week. Ideal candidate enjoys browsing thrift stores for antique animal figurines, taking long walks through the Tenderloin, and scavenging through the piles of free stuff people leave on the sidewalk. Consumers of Swedish Fish are encouraged to apply, as are those who enjoy the occasional dish of ice cream. Must be an avid Foghorn reader, and must not be over 68 years old. Contact manager@sffoghorn.info.


Melissa Baron

Bookworm, sci-fi enthusiast and Star Wars fanatic seeks comic book lover of her dreams. Are you slightly overweight and bearded? Channeling essence of Silent Bob? You’re the man for me. Must prefer Marvel to DC, Star Wars to Star Trek. Have the inside scoop at Skywalker Ranch? You’re my man. Just looking for a man to talk “Walking Dead,” Nerf Herder, Wookies, Blade and super heroes with. Let’s be Jedis together. You love me? I know. Contact scene@sffoghorn.info.


Melissa Stihl

I lead a terribly impressive life, you better be able to keep up. I enjoy climbing mountains, drinking copious amounts of coffee, finger-painting and long walks on the beach (but only at midnight). I like to hypothesize about how to solve the world’s problems; North Korea and global poverty are on the to do list this morning. Oh yeah, and when I am not single-handedly fighting global warming, I also enjoy defending small villages in West Africa and Southeast Asia from malaria by offering them a glass of water and some crayons. Contact photo@sffoghorn.info.


Hunter Patterson

MISSED CONNECTION: Last Wednesday night around 7 p.m. you were on the Bill O’Reilly Show, passionately assailing the liberal media and its leftist rhetoric, and I was at home on the couch, crunching Doritos. You were wearing a black skirt that would make Sarah Palin jealous and I had on my Periodic Tables and Chairs T-shirt. You were making intense eye contact the entire time. It was a special moment; I hope somehow you felt it too. I’ve read all of your books and I completely agree liberals are assaulting America. Contact editorinchief@sffoghorn.info.


Brenna McCallick

SII nerd seeking shaggy-haired boy with artist’s soul to fetch libations, turn book pages and provide insightful and fulfilling conversations beneath shady trees. Willing to help me practice ballroom dancing. Perhaps the occasional stroll through Golden Gate park. Trekkies need not apply. Feel free to guiltlessly Facebook stalk me. Contat mccallick@sffoghorn.info.


Matt Steinbach

Smart, sexy college student seeking someone to cuddle with. I like curly-haired girls with beautiful faces. Being smart and funny is a plus. I like to wine and dine so if you are looking to get spoiled I’m your man. I like sports and food so if you can cook then you’re perfect for me. And if you like sports and can down a beer than that’s a bonus. I’m just a man who wants a lady. Contact sports@sffoghorn.info


Closet geek seeks nerdy guy for late night D&D and LANs. Warcraft obsession a plus. Dungeon Masters preferred, must have own dice. Magic cards a necessity, must be willing to trade. n00bs need not apply. 1337 programming skills a plus. If you think Star Wars pwns Star Trek, you’re my man. Have Twitter? Tweet me: binaryis4lovers. Contact webeditor@sffoghorn.info.

Nicholas Mukhar

I like girls who have a good sense of fashion and a good sense of humor, but there’s nothing sexier than a girl who can dance. If you can dance, it’s nearly impossible to be unattractive. My hobbies are going to clubs and being the center of attention, so I like girls who enjoy the spotlight as much as I do. If you’re a wall flower you’re not the girl for me. Contact opinion@sffoghorn.info


Sky Madden

Andro-boi seeking sleek, fast, sensitive automaton complete with external mother board design and oak wood finishing who loves glitching, thumping and oscillating. Recently heartbroken by a Roland so a Korg or a Moog would be ideal. Authentic tubular warmth is hard to come by these days unless you’re analog in which case, I’m interested. Must be compatible with giving and receiving. No rebooting, crashing or Smart Cards please. MIDI interface and 11 octave plus arpeggiators are always a plus. A major plus. Contact richmedia@sffoghorn.info.


Daniela Ricci-Tam
I’ve been longing to meet my soulmate for so long, it’s like I already know him. In fact, I do. His eye color. His beliefs. His social security number… Babe, last night you were in my dreams. You were also in the Starbucks on Fulton , ordering a tall mocha without the whipped cream. You used the bathroom in the UC (you’re a middle-stall person too, huh?). You spat out your chewing gum outside Cowell (doublemint, I think, but the flavor’s mostly gone). And last night you left your window blinds open…yum. You know who you are. Make my dreams come true. Contact copy@sffoghorn.info.


Michael Villasenior

@anygurl… like love at its best/ i seek nothing more than 140 characters or less/ a dtweet or a dm is more than enough/ i can’t say that i’m that buff/ or that i don’t live in front of my computer, month-after-month/ but come join me and follow my friends/ my name is michael and my twittername is @pacotacomike. Contact onlinemanager@sffoghorn.info