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Rev. Privett Retires for Rock ’n’ Roll

Reverend Stephen A. Privett decided to hand in his badge for social justice and trade it for an electric guitar, black combat boots and makeup to match. In return, USF students will be able to see Privett perform in his newly formed rock band, Father of Rock. This news may come as shock to several students that knew Privett personally or who just saw him around campus.

Still deciding on a fitting band name

Still deciding on a fitting band name

Privett said he never expressed his interest in forming a rock band while serving at USF because the students were always his first priority.

“Starting a rock band seemed like the next step in changing the world,” said Privett. “I started at USF and now I am off to seek good in the rest of the world by using music as my tool.”

Privett is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. The other members consist of fellow Jesuits who seek the same path  litter tights and white make up scare you off. Rather, let it invite you. As a band that serves solely for social justice, Privett has the right idea by implementing a one of a kind performance.

After forming nearly a week ago, Father of Rock is in full swing and is scheduled to perform during the graduation ceremony at St. Ignatius church. As a gift, Father Privett will sing and dance for all students and family.

When asked what the students should expect from the performance, he smiled and said, “A show they will never forget.”

Immediately after the ceremony, Privett and his band will be flying off to the Vatican to perform in front of Pope Francis, marking the start of their European tour.

DISCLAIMER: This piece was printed as part of The Foghorn’s April Fool’s Day issue on April 1st, 2014. This article is intended to be satirical.