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A Note From the Opinion Editor

Regarding the Foghorn’s running of MEChA’s and other concerned student letters in this issue

Since our Foghorn April Fool’s issue, which offended a number of readers (an offense we did not intend and deeply regret), we invited the offended to publish letters of response. Instead, the Culturally Focused Clubs wrote the Foghorn a letter in response to the issue, but published it through their own e-newsletter, not allowing the Foghorn to publish it.

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Foghorn staff from left to right: Matt Miller, Heidi Patton, Madeline Vanden Branden, Allison Fazio, Tanya Dzekon, Nureen Khadr, Alena Musso, Mia Orantia, Danielle Maingot, and Hayden Gehr. (Photo Courtesy of SF Foghorn).

So Long, Farewell from Us to You

Madeline Vanden Branden

My initiation into the Foghorn was unceremonious. A guy in my English class turned around and asked, “Does anyone want to copy edit the Foghorn? I’m tired of it.” The class groaned, shaking their heads. I raised my hand high, for even as a sophomore my passion for clean-copy was pervasive. After meeting with the Editor-in-Chief, where my enthusiasm won her over/creeped her out, I got the job.

Staff Editorial

Staff Editorial: Opposing the Unopposed

This year, every candidate that ran for an executive board position on ASUSF Senate was unopposed. This means that the new ASUSF President won by default. The same goes for the Vice President of Business Administration, Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Mission and Vice President of Sustainability. All of these candidates won simply because they filled out a form on time.  It is no small victory either—senators on the executive board have more power, and earn more money (taken from the student activity fee that each undergraduate student is required to pay) than any other student leaders by far.

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