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Events Around the City: Valentine’s Day Edition

Tank Hill
One of the best kept secrets of the city, Tank Hill is the perfect place for a romantic picnic with its sweeping, panoramic view of the San Francisco and an abundance of natural beauty. Although it gets chilly (and there is a bit of a hike to the top of the hill) the scenery is more than worth it. The location is more private than its counterpart, Twin Peaks. As an unexpected bonus, the cold weather is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with that special someone.
2 Belgrave Avenue (at Bigler Avenue)

Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight
As it turns out, smashing people in the face with pillows is a surprisingly romantic way to spend the holiday. Even the unattached flock to this event, which takes place annually, to have a great time on a day typically characterized by more gentle feelings.
The pros recommend wearing a helmet, bringing clean pillows and avoiding those made with tempur-pedic material, which apparently feels like taking a brick to the face when it hits you. Also be sure to show up on time and try not to bring feather pillows, which don’t last long in battle.
6 p.m Justin Herman Plaza

This chic spot is a must for anyone with a serious sweet tooth, with a menu comprised of solely gourmet desserts.
The setting, both intimate and romantic, is also light-hearted, featuring an array of board games that you can play to burn off the inevitable sugar high.
1335 Fulton Street (between Broderick St & Divisadero St)

Blue Danube Coffee House
More romantic than a lunch date and less committal than dinner, coffee is a great option for Valentine’s Day, especially if it’s a relatively new relationship.
Conveniently located in the Inner Richmond district, The Blue Danube is an unusually cozy spot with a few couches that are fantastic for some light canoodling (but please, don’t be that gag-worthy couple that spoons in front of everyone).
The coffee is great, the smoothies are delectable, and there isn’t a pastry that’s anything less than delicious. Keep in mind they only accept cash.
It’s also a great place when you want to try to prolong the date, with the neighborhood staples Genki Crepe and Green Apple Bookstore just a quick jaunt down the street.
306 Clement St (between 4th Ave & 5th Ave)

Musée Mécanique
Really cool antique machines? Check. Slightly creepy mechanical marionettes? Check. Fantastic photo booth? Check.
Musée Mécanique is a unique date spot to say the least and it makes for an evening of nostalgic fun on Pier 45. This vast collection of machines ranges from fortune dispensers to decades old arcade games and a photo booth, ensures you’ll have a memento to remember the evening by.
Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 45, Shed A

V-Day Dream Dates: Top 5 Hotties in Pro Sports

Valentine’s day is either a special day to spend with a loved one or it’s a day that makes you feel lonely if you have no one to spend it with. Luckily the world is full of beautiful people to ogle at while sitting at home on Valentine’s Day. For all you single people wishing you had a date, here is a list of the hottest female athletes that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

5. Ana Ivanovic

She hasn’t enjoyed much success since becoming the number 1 female tennis player in the world 3 years ago but I can let that slide; her looks more than make up for her struggles on the court. The Serbian heartthrob has an innocent, girl-next-door look to her yet she is exotic as well, resulting in an amazing blend.  Even though she hasn’t won anything notable lately, she is still a very good tennis player. Beauty and success are two attributes you want in a woman and she surely has both.

4. Jennie Finch

The veteran of the group, Jennie Finch, has been ogled at since she began playing softball at the University of Arizona more than eight years ago. I still remember drooling over her as a teenager after seeing her on ESPN. At 31 years old she is still one of the hottest female athletes out there. Not only is she hot, she is among the best softball players ever, and arguably the best ever. Finch won a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics and a silver medal in Beijing in 2008. Even though she is retired from softball she will always be remembered as one of the all-time hottest female athletes.

3. Gina Carano

MMA’s top woman fighter is not only hot, she can easily kick your ***. If you were into that sort of thing, she would easily be your number 1. She has modeled in Maxim and has appeared on the cover of ESPN the magazine’s body edition, which shows off the athletes with the best bodies. Carano hasn’t done much fighting this year since she has been busy filming Haywire, a film that releases later this year. Gina Carano and all of her hotness on the big screen sounds like a genius idea!

2. Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick has that tough but sexy look; she’s rarely cracks a smile during races with her dark black hair tightly pulled back into a pony-tail and dark black glasses covering her eyes. Away from the racetrack she has posed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for FHM while also appearing as a Go-Daddy girl. Those photo shoots cemented her among the hottest, it showed a side of her that is hidden by her racing career. Now we no longer have to wonder what she’s hiding underneath her racing suit. No one can question her hotness.


One of the many examples of Maria Sharapova’s allure. (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

1.  Maria Sharapova

Could number 1 be anyone but Sharapova? She’s owned this spot she won Wimbledon in 2004 when she was 17. Like Ivanovic, she was once ranked number 1 in the world but has fallen down to 13th. And like Ivanovic, she is still hot regardless of her world rank. Her long legs, flowing blonde hair and her exotic Russian background are big reasons why she is number 1. But the fact that she is the number 1 gross female athlete in the World puts her over the top. Too bad Sasha Vujacic, a guard with the New Jersey Nets who previously played for the Lakers, snatched her off the market when they became engaged earlier this year. Marrying Vujacic is the only knock on her, not because she’s getting married but because Vujacic will be her husband. Vujacic, really? Now we can only just marvel at her hotness, I guess there are worse things in life.

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Valentine’s Day: Love and Lack Thereof on USF Campus


Danny Sherman, Senior

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?

“I like it because it unites single people. Like last year a big group of us went wine tasting together and it was really fun! So is the pillow fight at Embarcadero.”

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“MONEY. Haha, just kidding. Hmm, probably ambition, someone definitely social and adventurous. I want to go skydiving on Valentine’s Day!”


Pi’ilani Lee (Sophomore)

Best or worst Valentine’s Day memory?

“I feel like I always get in a fight on Valentine’s Day, so if anything they are all pretty memorable.”

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“Tall, tan and cute!”


Georgette Nze (Sophomore)

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“He’s gotta be super charming”

Do you like or dislike Valentines Day?

“Depends on the year, and whether or not I’m with someone. Haha.”


Bryan VanLoh (Senior)

Best or worst Valentine’s Day memory?

“I was with my girlfriend for 3 years and we broke up right before Valentine’s Day, so I went to her house with flowers and chocolate and she was out with someone else. I ended up giving the stuff to her mom instead.”


Will De Aquino (Sophomore)

What’s the #1 thing you look for in a Valentine?

“They have to be funny. A good personality is definitely a must.”

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?

“While I’m single I don’t really care about it either way. So I probably won’t care about it for a while.”


Halimah Najieb-Locke (Senior)

Do you like or dislike Valentine’s Day?

“I like it in general, but its also my birthday so I wish it didn’t get overshadowed by that holiday. I want my diva time! Haha.”

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Valentine’s Day Makes Me Vomit: Films for the Anti Romantic


I know I’m not alone when I say that Valentine’s Day generally makes me want to puke, and it has nothing to do with the ridiculous influx in my sugar consumption. No, it’s because it is the one day that makes singles feel even more alone. Come on. We’re already alone, and if we do actually get something it’ll probably be an e-card from our mothers. So, instead of crying yourself to sleep on this horrible of horrid days, I have compiled a list of romantic movies that end in tragedy (because everyone else deserves to be alone, too)

Romeo & Juliet (circa 1996)

I am not going to explain this movie. Why? Because if you are a college student and haven’t yet read this classic love story then you are most likely a child genius, having skipped high school completely, and now work as a neurosurgeon or something. If you happen to be your run of the mill college student and have yet to read this then shame on you (or, rather, shame on your high school English teacher).

This movie, starring Leonardo diCaprio and Claire Danes, is a modern day twist on the 16th century classic. Complete with guns, gang wars and pimped-out rides, the only thing that contains true originality is the Shakespearean language that is used. The disparity between new and old makes for a truly amazing spectacle from the incredible mind of director Baz Luhrmann… and it ends in tragedy!

Moulin Rouge

Elephants and windmills and epilepsy, oh my! This film also comes from the spastic mind of Mr. Lurhmann. No good analogy exists for the truly amazing visuals this movie offers. It is a musical, but don’t go running for the hills just yet. The music is adapted from original songs by many artists you may know. Madonna, David Bowie, and Nirvana are just a handful. See, cool, huh.

The story follows a cabaret dancer, played by Nicole Kidman, and an English poet named Christian, played by Ewan McGregor. The two fall in love, though Kidman’s character, Satine, is meant to end up with a man of much higher social stature than that of the lowly writer, Christian. They must keep their love secret from the Duke who is both courting Satine, and financing her next show. There’s love, greed, Ewan McGregor singing, diamonds, feathers, and betrayal all wrapped up in one little film that will undoubtedly end in tragedy. We call this perfection.


I remember renting this movie on VHS back when I was just a wee child. I think it either came as a set of two or three tapes, due to the three-hour run time. Well, aside from being the highest grossing film of all time (ok, second highest grossing film… damn you, Avatar) this movie is one of the greatest romantic tragedies of all time.

So, we have the Titanic, the largest ship built in the early 1900’s, and we have Leonardo diCaprio playing the poor, young artist Jack Dawson. Somehow Jack finagles a ticket for Titanic’s first trans-Atlantic voyage. He meets Rose, played by Kate Winslet, an engaged, upper-class young woman who is traveling with her mother and fiancé. The two develop an attraction for one another, but must hide their love as their social class divides them. Let’s skip to the end… the boat sinks. Surprise! Rose lives, Jack dies, and her huge diamond sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Tragic.

Edward Scissorhands

Oh. The most tragic of tragic love stories. Poor Edward Scissorhands. Could you imagine functioning in the world without opposable thumbs? Yeah, well try scissor-thumbs, and scissor-forefingers, etc.

This film, directed by the dark and wacky Tim Burton, begins in a mansion on a hill (cue thunder, lightning, rain) where a crazed scientist is toiling away on his most recent invention. Here we are introduced to both Edward, played by Johnny Depp, and his scissor hands. Well, the scientist dies, tragic, and Edward is left all alone in the mansion on the hill. It isn’t until the local Avon lady from the neighboring community ventures up to the mansion hoping to make a sale. When she sees Edward and his tragic, lonely state, she decides to bring him home and introduce him to her family. He ends up falling in love with the woman’s daughter, played by a young Wynona Ryder, who seems to understand his weird ways. Eventually, Edward accidentally hurts a little boy (duh, he has scissors for hands), flees back to the mansion, (insert climax of the film here) and ends up alone once again. Tragic.

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

You may be confused as to why this movie has made my list. Well, apart from the fact that I’m a huge nerd and would try to make Star Wars applicable in any article I write, this movie definitely has both love and tragedy.

Let me enlighten you. Han Solo, played by the scrumptiously delicious Harrison Ford, and Princess Leia are complete polar opposites. Leia, a princess, sits as a member of the Imperial Senate, and has awesome ear buns. Han works as a smuggler, is indebted to the evil Jabba the Hutt, but does look good in a deep-v shirt. Yet, throughout the course of the film, the two start to fall in love (despite the fact that Luke Skywalker has the hots for her, too). So, let’s recap. Han and Leia, who appear to hate each other, secretly love each other, Luke also loves Leia, but she doesn’t feel the same way (plus, their brother and sister, secretly). Ok. Han ends up being captured by Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba decides to test out his new carbonite freezing capabilities on Han. Before Han is lowered into the freezing chamber, Leia professes her love to him and he replies with an “I know.” Conclusion? Han’s and Leia’s love is frozen in time via carbonite, Luke doesn’t get the girl/his sister and he finds out the most evil being in the universe is his daddy.  Tragedy? Me thinks

Eat Your Heart Out: Foods to Share With The Ones You Love

Illustration by Elizabeth Brown/Foghorn

Illustration by Elizabeth Brown/Foghorn

I have a tendency to feed those I love. I’m a feeder. I have always been a feeder and will find any reason to bake or cook.  A birthday coming up?  I will bake a cake.  An anniversary? Chocolate fudge. Last day of class? Muffins. Funeral? Quiche.   There’s always a reason to feed!  And what better excuse than Valentine’s Day?  Here is my guide to the most nourishing aphrodisiacs to make for your Valentine.  And if you’re not a savvy chef, or are a dorm dweller living sans kitchen, there are plenty of prime dining out opportunities that invite romance and happiness.


Bring a romantic touch to breakfast by investing in a heart shaped waffle iron.  I typically reserve this handy kitchen devise for Mother’s Day, but may be dusting it off this Sunday (for someone whose name just so happens to be Sunday.) Decorate your waffles with red berries and a liberal amount of homemade whipped cream.  If your Valentine is not into the sweets you can get a heart shaped mold for eggs sunny side up, which would look nice next to heart shaped toast. You can also get a heart shaped butter mold for the toast. You can use the same mold to make ice and put hearts in their OJ.  Don’t be worried about going overboard with the heart shaped foods.  Valentine’s Day is about excess.


At the end of the day when you are nestled with your sweetheart, you will realize that a nice way to wind down is to eat fondue by the fire on a deerskin rug.  Chocolate and cheese: choose one or both, go crazy!  It’s the perfect activity for a couple.  As you passionately stab your fondue fork into chunks of fresh bread, your Valentine will be sure to take notice and will most likely fall deeply in love with you.  You can also make a romantic game out of it.  Each time a piece of bread falls into the cheese, or a strawberry falls into the chocolate, that means you must kiss one another.  Those are the rules of fondue.


My childhood of Nickelodeon taught me that beets are nature’s candy, and the vibrant reddish purple variety look top notch in a salad.  Remember the lesson I taught you for breakfast?  Excess.  Cut the beets into hearts before tossing them on a bed of mache with goat cheese and walnuts.  A fabulous appetizer for your loved one.

The Diner

You know that cliché image of the couple at the diner splitting a milkshake with two straws?  You should do it.


I enjoy eating family style and see it as a way for friends and lovers to bond.  Ethiopian is the ultimate experience in sharing food.  You and your lover will be eating from the same large and in charge plate.  At Ethiopian all dishes come on top of a bed of injera (a spongy crepe-like bread made from the teff grain.)   The bread it used as your utensil to scoop up the various meats and vegetables.  As you share your meal you and your loved one will become instantly closer and the spiciness of the food will leave you and your Valentine breathless and runny nosed.

The V-Day Tradition Continues

The cast members of “The Vagina Monologues” get some direction as they prepare for their weekend of performances at Presentation Theater.  Photo by Cass Krughoff/Foghorn

The cast members of “The Vagina Monologues” get some direction as they prepare for their weekend of performances at Presentation Theater. Photo by Cass Krughoff/Foghorn

For the tenth year in a row, the women of the USF College Players are performing “The Vagina Monologues.” The play attempts to erase the taboo and awkward-ness often surrounding the female anatomy. Written by Eve Ensler in 1996, “The Vagina Monologues” is a set of eleven anecdotes about women and their experiences of their lady parts from childbirth to rape. Performed from Feb. 11, 12 and 13 in the Presentation Theater, this longstanding Valentine’s Day tradition is part of a campaign to end violence against women all across the globe. On Feb. 11 at 6 p.m. there will be a panel discussion given by USF professors as well as those working directly on the performance.

A major goal of the performance is to teach the public about the hardships women face. After 10 years running the same show, the cast and crew still feel dedicated to participate. Director Julianne Fawsitt  said, “Until women are in a political position to do something about violence against females, the show will still be relevant.” So far, the audience agrees. Every year men and women fill the seats. Fathers, brothers and boyfriends are all present.  Some of them are not there by choice. “One year the entire basketball team was forced to come,” Fawsitt said. “They all sat in the back awkwardly, but sometimes that’s the point, to make people feel uncomfortable.”

As embarrassing as it might feel sitting in the audience, the cast members spend their nights shouting to a room full of strangers about the most private parts of women. Alex Platt, a senior Media Studies student, has been involved in the show since her freshman year. “The awkwardness is the first to go,” she said. The cast starts rehearsing three or four weeks before the show starts for four hours a day so they get to know each other fast.

In such a female-centric group, one might assume it would be full of drama and gossip. However, these ladies try to keep it drama free. When trying to empower women, pettiness only distances the actresses from their goal. Instead they pull together to form a type of sisterhood that encourages girls to say the hard things and support each other. The V-Day sisters are their own therapy group. “Things that you thought were really weird about yourself, you learn it’s not,” said Platt.

Most of the women working on The Vagina Monologues have all seen it performed, worked as stage managers or been on stage delivering the monologues at some point in their college careers. “Initially, the issue [of violence] is what draws girls to want to be involved” said producer Meg Tomasetti. “But they stay for the bonds they make,” said Fawsitt.

Members of the cast keep in touch with each other, return to USF for the show as alumni, donate toward the campaign and even end up running the entire production. Fawsitt graduated last year.

“Girls from the show are still my role models. We are a network of feminism,” said Platt. The show is as much about learning and empowerment for the audience as it is for the Players.

The group has ground rules to maintain their supportive environment. No men are allowed anywhere near the monologues. They are even supposed to stay as far away from the technical labor. “We want this to be a performance that showcases women as much as possible,” said Fawsitt.

Along with the no boys allowed rule, in order to run the show lawfully, the V-Day organization requires ten percent of the proceeds to aid women of the Dominican Republic of Congo. Tomasetti noted that the other ninety percent will be donated to local women’s organizations, although they have not been finalized yet. If all of the criteria are met, each institution performing the show receives the scripts for free, with eleven predetermined monologues and the 12th monologue chosen by individual directors.

Upon first hearing about The Vagina Monologues, many people think that it is a show for women or that it is a place for them to vent and share stories. In fact it is just as important for men to see and understand the monologues. “Women can only do so much in preventing violence, at some point men have to be involved, too,” said Platt.