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Music That Will Get You Pumped

Music and sports go hand in hand. Music raises your adrenaline to new heights, enabling you to run that extra mile on the treadmill or it gets you into a zone before a big game.  In every genre of music, there are songs and artists that have that special aeffect over people. From heavy metal to pop, here are some songs to add to your playlist before hitting the gym.

“Go DJ and I’m Me”- Lil Wayne

Before every race during the Olympics, gold-medalist Michael Phelps would listen to “I’m Me” by Lil Wayne. Playing this song won’t turn you into an eight-time gold medalist but you may find some inspiration in it. With lines like, “Yes I am the best/and no I ain’t positive I’m definite” it’s no surprise that this was Phelps’  song of choice. “Go DJ,” on the other hand, may not provide you inspiration in its lyrics, but the energy of the song will make you want to run harder or lift more.

“Bad Romance”- Lady Gaga

Even if you’re not a fan of Lady Gaga, you have to admit this song will get your blood pumping. Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks posted a video on Youtube of himself jamming to some Gaga, so she must be somewhat popular among athletes. But professional athletes would most likely not admit to being Gaga fans. Whether you want to admit it or not, putting some Gaga on your iPod will make you run a little faster–just ask anyone who takes a spin class at Koret.

“Enter the Sandman”- Metallica

If you think a Lady Gaga song makes your adrenaline pump, try working out to some heavy metal. Mariano Rivera, arguably the best-ever closer in baseball, enters games with this song blaring. For baseball players, especially pitchers, entrance music is important. Every hitter and pitcher has their own song that they use to pump them up when going up to plate or walking to the mound. When Mariano Rivera gets inducted into the hall of fame the lyrics of “Enter the Sandman” should be on his plaque because without it he may not be as dominant… ok, he would definitely be dominant, but there’s a reason why he listens to this song. If this song gets Mariano Rivera in the zone to close out World Series games, then it will surely get you ready for a workout.

“Roc Boys”- Jay-Z

During last year’s NBA Playoffs the Lakers would come out of the locker room to this song, among other Jay-Z songs. LeBron James has repeatedly said that he listens to a lot of Jay-Z before games to get him into his comfort zone. Many athletes besides LeBron James and the Lakers listen to Jay-Z before games. His lyrical ability will get anyone into a comfort zone or at least make you bob your head. Just try not to get caught grooving along when listening to this song during a workout.

“Beat it”-Michael Jackson

There had to be at least one Michael Jackson song on your workout playlist. The king of pop has a plethora of songs to choose from but this is my personal favorite for a workout. There is so much energy in this song, which is perfect for getting that adrenaline you need to have a successful workout. Michael Jackson is popular with everyone, so his songs must come up on pro athletes’ pre-game playlists. This song will have everyone moon walking around the gym, so don’t be embarrassed if you start dancing when this song comes up on your shuffle.

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Spin Class Remains Popular – Let’s Get Some More Bikes

Most of you may know Koret offers a variety of group exercise classes that range from Iyengar yoga to bellydancing. These classes are free to students and are open to beginner and advanced skill levels. Many students enjoy these courses and participate very often.

I take a spin class one or two times a week and I’ve noticed a trend. Like other gyms and exercise facilities, Koret experiences a surge in gym-goers before and after the winter holidays and after the New Year when resolutions and good intentions remain high. At other times, like before midterms or near finals, student participation in group exercise classes dwindles as students favor red bull and all night study sessions over a calming yoga session. One class that does not follow this trend and seems finals-proof is spin.

Spin is a class that involves a stationary bike and a resistance wheel in which you can change the toughness of your workout. I enjoy spin because it is as challenging as you want it to be. The instructor gives you suggestions and instructs you to increase the resistance, but you don’t have to. You choose how hard you work. Also, there is also some cheesy, yet motivating music to help you along the workout. Spin can burn from 300 to 500 calories in a 50 minute class. Another added benefit is the room the class is held in. The instructor usually turns off the lights because if you are challenging yourself at all you are sweating and constantly reaching for your water bottle. The dark room makes it less competitive because you can’t really see other people too well and it’s nice because you focus on yourself, rather than how hard your fellow students are working.

Although 15 spin classes are offered each week at Koret (see Koret Group Exercise Schedule), the classes remain so popular that a Koret employee has to stand outside of the door 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class time and make every person sign up on a list. There are about 20 bikes, 25 at the most, so if you don’t arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of time you will not get in the class or, as my friend put it, you will get “the 1987 bike, which sucks.” I don’t know how busy the 6:30 am spin class is on Tuesday mornings, but the evening classes (5, 7:30) are always crowded and students are literally scrambling to sign up. With such a popular class, wouldn’t it make sense to buy five to ten more bikes to accommodate the popularity of spin? I can’t help notice the feeble attendance and use of the new weight room with the boxing equipment. How many people at USF box versus how many people take spin classes?

Koret should seriously consider buying new spin bikes to accommodate larger classes. The room could hold at least eight more bikes. When a class like spin resonates this well with students, Koret should take note and try to facilitate the healthy choices that students are making.